Canadian influencer shares intimate photos of home birth experience: 'Sacred'

The mom of three shared photos and videos of her natural birth journey.

Ariana Christie is opening up about postpartum body image. (Instagram/@arianajoychristie)
Ariana Christie shared intimate photos from her birth experience. (Instagram/@arianajoychristie)

Ariana Christie is giving her fans a glimpse of her home birth.

Over the weekend, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram with an intimate Instagram reel containing photos and videos of her natural birth journey, from when she welcomed her one-year-old daughter Cali.

Alongside the video, the mom-of-three penned a heartfelt caption about the "sacred" nature of her delivery.

"Birth is such a sacred experience. It's something that is so hard to explain, and the feelings surrounding it are also difficult to understand," the Guelph, Ont.-based content creator shared.

She continued: "Both times I’ve given birth, it's taken more than a year to share our story. Not because anything went wrong this time, but because it’s something that is so very special and intimate."

Christie emphasized the diversity of birthing experiences and challenged common assumptions, writing, "No two births are the same. There are so many assumptions and myths about birth that aren't always true."

She explained her hope "is that others can see that our bodies were made to give life, we can trust that our bodies will do what they are meant to, and you can and should always advocate for your needs. It is not selfish to do so."

Fans met Christie's post with praise for her "raw honesty," and for having a home birth.

"You are a literal warrior goddess!!! So incredible and this story always gives me chills. No matter how a baby gets here is worthy of total bad—-ery and praise. But really, you're incredible!," an Instagram user commented.

"This is so special," another added.

"You're amazing, mama!," a fan wrote.

"I love this so much. The raw honesty. The realness," someone chimed in.

In July, the realtor shared another intimate Instagram reel of her breastfeeding journey paired with a "powerful" message about embracing "providing."

In the clip, Christie shared several photos of herself tandem breastfeeding her now-two-year-old twin sons, Oscar and Axel, when they were younger, as well as feeding her daughter Cali.

"It is multitasking and adapting. It's pain and exhaustion and feeling accomplished. It's giving hours and hours one end and feeling touched out," she captioned the post.

"It's beautiful still moments and knowing that you're providing.

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