Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna opens up about self-harm: 'I now love my scars'

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Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna spoke about self harm on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)
Canadian influencer Kenzie Brenna spoke about self-harm on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna)

This story makes mention of self-harm that may be disturbing to some of our audience. To find support, contact Wellness Together Canada at 1-866-585-0445 or text WELLNESS to 741741.

Kenzie Brenna isn't ashamed of her scars.

Earlier this week, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a personal and important message about self-harm with her 387,000 followers.

In the post, the 32-year-old body image advocate shared two photos: the first a close-up of her arms to expose her scars, and a second snap of her holding a dandelion in a grassy field.

In the caption, Brenna opened up about why she doesn't put trigger warnings for her scars in her content.

"People have asked for trigger warnings whenever I show my scars and here are a few reasons why I don’t oblige: it furthers stigmatization, bodies do not need trigger warnings, our activations are up to us to manage ourselves, I don’t give trigger warnings in real life when I wear t shirts, so I won’t do them on the internet," the social media star explained.

"This is surprisingly a very polarizing topic. I rarely even talk about the incredibly dark and formative period of my life where I self-harmed and yet the minute that I say I’m comfortable with my scars the minute people ask for a trigger warning," she added. "There is nothing explicit, violent or disturbing about my body."

The self-love champion went on to explain how she used to feel "embarrassed" about her scars, but now she's learning to love them.

"...For years I wore long sleeves and felt embarrassed and so scared that I would make others feel a way if they saw them. For years I hid. For years I was ashamed...Those years are gone and in learning to love my body I now love my scars and I still cannot believe the freedom that I feel wearing sleeveless dresses and t-shirts," she revealed. "Feeling the sun on my arm and letting someone witness me. And what is love if it’s not sacred witnessing?"

In the comments, fans thanked Brenna for opening up about such a deep topic.

"You open up so many points into greater discussion and dissection and it’s so powerful," wrote Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry.

"You sharing about this really challenged my perspective on trigger warnings...Thank you for always sharing your perspective so honestly and thought provokingly," shared someone else.

"I love this! Scars tell stories, they aren’t something to be ashamed of or hidden...There is an understanding there and the ability to be truly seen," added another.

Last month, Brenna opened up about her relationship with the gym.

The influencer took the opportunity to tell her followers that she works out for enjoyment and not to please others.

"I don’t go to the gym to make myself smaller. I don’t go to the gym to shame myself. I don’t go to the gym because you think I should. I go to the gym for me," she wrote.

"...Reclaim getting sweaty with yourself. Reclaim these parts of you that have been taken away by a thin obsessed world. Going to the gym/movement classes are great to manage stress, keep mobility, for your cardiovascular system, to help regulate hormones and so much more," Brenna added.

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