Canadian influencer Rini Frey says she 'hated being pregnant': 'I felt like something was wrong with me'

'I couldn't relate to anyone who loved their bodies when pregnant,' Frey said.

Rini Frey poses with her 9-month-old daughter, Olivia. (Image via Instagram/@ownitbabe)
Rini Frey shared her complicated feelings about pregnancy and motherhood. (Image via Instagram/@ownitbabe)

Canadian influencer Rini Frey has sparked a candid conversation on social media after sharing her raw experience of pregnancy with her Instagram followers. In a series of photos and honest captions posted on Monday, the mother-of-two revealed her conflicting emotions about motherhood and pregnancy.

In the first photo, Frey, set up the series of confessions from the point of view of "a mom that hated being pregnant."

"I spent nine months feeling like a stranger trapped in my own body. I enjoyed the baby kicks but other than that, I couldn't wait for it to be over. Both times," Frey wrote.

Accompanying an old maternity photo, Frey shared how she felt physically and emotionally conflicted during her pregnancies.

"I couldn't understand how so many women enjoy pregnancy. I felt like something was wrong with me," she explained. "My body image was crappy up until the end of my third trimester. I couldn't relate to anyone who loved their bodies when pregnant."

Frey shared a photo of herself showing off her baby bump in a yellow bikini on a beach with the caption, "I was worried I wouldn't love my baby based on how I felt during pregnancy."

Despite her challenges, Frey's perspective shifted after she held her newborn children for the first time. "Holding my baby made everything absolutely worth it. When I held my baby, I knew I would do it all again," she said.

In solidarity with others who "don't enjoy" pregnancy, Frey wrote: "I just want you to know I felt the same, and the love for my baby didn't change. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

In her caption, Frey reiterated the diverse and conflicting experiences of motherhood that should be normalized, writing, "I love being a mom, hated being pregnant! I was grateful for what my body did. But it was not enjoyable. And that’s okay to say/think out loud."

Fans met Frey's powerful message with applause in the comment section.

"Same! Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. Currently pregnant with my second and I’ve hated both pregnancies," one person shared. "I love being a mom, but we’re done after two and I can’t wait to never be pregnant ever again."

"I don’t think people talk about this enough. And I had healthy pregnancies with both my babies. But man, I just didn’t feel like me," an Instagram user weighed in.

"Absolutely despise pregnancy. Love my babies more than life itself," commented another.

"It was a privilege but it was bloody horrible and I’m glad I’ll never be pregnant again," someone else wrote.

In January, Frey shared another candid Instagram post airing out a difficult feeling she has experienced as a mom; imposter syndrome.

"Does anyone else get mom imposter syndrome? Like, I'm just a girl. I'm not a grown up. How am I capable of taking care of two small children?" The on-screen text read over footage of Frey feeding her youngest child. "Who gave me permission? Are all the other moms going to find out that I'm not qualified? I have zero credentials, I'm just out here completely winging it."

"Who let me be in charge of two small children?" she added in the caption.

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