Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen says this is the 'one thing' that helped with her kids' meltdowns

She shared her best tips for those 'tough days' in parenting.

Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen shared heartfelt parenting advice. (Photo by Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images)
Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen shared heartfelt parenting advice. (Jeremychanphotography/Getty)

Kelsey McEwen is sharing some of her best parenting advice.

On Monday, the CTV's "Your Morning" meteorologist shared a heartwarming Instagram reel offering a glimpse into her busy life as a mom of three and what she does to keep things running smoothly.

In the clip, McEwen balances preparing food in her kitchen while her youngest child, two-year-old daughter Charlotte, sits securely harnessed to her chest in a carrier. In on-screen text, she revealed the "one thing" that has consistently helped her through difficult parenting challenges.

"I don't have a lot of mom hacks because I think you know your baby best. But the one thing that has consistently helped meltdowns and tough days with all three of my kids is connection," she shared. "Carrier when they are small. Cuddles on the couch. Watching their favourite show together. Sharing a special treat. Your time is a gift."

McEwen reiterated the importance of connection in the caption, writing, "Connection. If that doesn't work… water, like a bath or shower. Or outdoors — and if that fails, call it a day and try again tomorrow. You've got this, mama."

McEwen's candid parenting advice garnered praise from fans in the comments.

"You're an awesome mama! Connection is so important!," one person wrote.

Another Instagram user penned: "So well said. Good job, mom!"

"You are 100 per cent right on! Everyone needs to know and believe in the power of connection," someone shared.

"What an amazing mother you are," a fan commented.

In January 2022, McEwen shared an emotional, now-deleted message with her Instagram followers, admitting that she was feeling "lost" since welcoming Charlotte.

"I'm having a hard time with social media these days. Not because of trolls, or critics. But honestly? Because of the envy I feel. Everyone's highlight reels just look so shiny. And happy. And perfect," she captioned a makeup-free photo of herself cradling her then-8-month-old baby.

Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen shares heartfelt parenting advice via Instagram @kelseymcewen
McEwen opened up about parenting. (Instagram/@kelseymcewen)

McEwen explained seeing other moms on social media who look like they live "balanced" lives began to take a toll on her. "I miss me. I do. I miss me, a lot. I know I'll get back to me soon," she wrote.

She recalled feeling the same way with each of her older children when the "newborn haze" was fading. McEwen voiced the complicated struggle many mothers feel, to look forward to the "light at the end of the babyhood tunnel" while realizing she'll miss those early days when they're gone.

"I guess I just needed to say that out loud today... I'm a great mom. But I'm also more. I'm a great 'me' too," she concluded.

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