Canadian model Lauren Chan admits she was 'trying to get smaller' in candid post: 'I disappointed myself'

The model said the ebbs and flows in her body image have been isolating.

Lauren Chan at the Sports Illustrated Swim Issue Launch Party held at the Hard Rock Hotel on May 18, 2023 in New York, New York. (Photo by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images)
Canadian model and TV personality Lauren Chan shared a body-positive reminder. (Photo by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images)

Lauren Chan is holding herself accountable.

In a candid Instagram reel posted on Friday, the Canadian model opened up about her recent struggle with body image — challenging the prevailing narrative that "smaller is better."

Chan admitted she recently felt disappointed in herself. "I ended up in a situation where I was trying to get smaller. That's hard for me to admit. It goes against most of what I stand for, but I'm human," Chan said in the video.

The revelation came after she received feedback that her energy was low during a TV taping, prompting her to reflect on unhealthy weight loss strategy. "I was not fuelling my body with enough to show up and do my job," she confessed.

"My job is not to be smaller," Chan continued. "My job is to show up and share my message of empowerment and equality for folks just like me so that they feel equal to their peers who meet the beauty ideal, so they can go out and have better lives and change the world."

In the caption, the Sports Illustrated model reiterated her message, saying, "Your worth does not come from your appearance; it comes from your sense of self, connections, contributions, passions, etc."

The Canadian TV personality noted the pervasive pro-weight-loss messaging in mainstream culture, and acknowledged her own lapse in self-esteem. But she forgave herself, writing, "I'm human, and that's literally what this culture is designed to make me believe."

In the comments, Chan's post garnered praise for her authenticity and for sharing an important reminder.

"You're so real for this. Thank you," an Instagram user wrote.

Another shared: "Such an important message."

"I'm inspired by the way you're able to walk the walk when things are glamorous and gorgeous, and also when things are tricky and confusing. A real example of accountability and courage!" a fan penned.

"This made my day. Thank you for being you," commented another.

"So glad you shared this! Definitely grateful for your vulnerability," someone added.

In July, Chan celebrated a "small win" after earning herself a role at Victoria's Secret.

Alongside a video showcasing behind-the-scenes footage from a photo shoot, she shared that while she has a tendency not to acknowledge many of her achievements, she is proud to be a part of expanding beauty standards.

"I'm never going to stop celebrating these moments because talking about the expansion of the beauty ideal in important," she wrote.

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