Canadian sportscaster Tara Slone fires back at sexist comment

Canadian sportscaster Tara Slone fires back at sexist comment

Tara Slone isn't letting haters have the last word — and neither are her fans.

On Thursday, the former "Sportsnet" host, who now is a host/contributor with the San Jose Sharks, fired back at a sexist Twitter commenter.

"Don't care about your opinion. This is a man's game and unfortunately, women try and make comments about these actions and no one cares," the comment read. "Stick women's sports like the WNBA."

The 49-year-old broadcaster shared a screenshot of the tweet with her more than 55,000 followers, paired with a fill-in-the-blank reply.

"Another day, another ______," Slone tweeted.

In the replies, fans quickly rallied behind Slone, condemning the critic's "misogynistic" comment.

"As I always say, 'incels gonna incel,'" one person wrote, to which Slone responded with a gif of Zooey Deschanel nodding.

"You're above this misogynistic cr—, Tara," someone else weighed in.

One person penned: "I wonder what his female coworkers think about his comments. Or maybe his female boss?"

"So hurtful," added another.

In July 2022, Slone took to Instagram with a message that she doesn't "owe some pathetic Twitter troll an explanation," after being criticized for grieving the loss of her "Sportsnet" show, "Hometown Hockey," which was cancelled a month earlier.

"After this was posted on Twitter, someone wrote 'grief? Come on,'" Slone explained alongside a screenshot of a headline from The Athletic.

"I certainly don’t owe some pathetic Twitter troll an explanation of why grieve the loss of this show," she shared at the time. "But my response to him was this: I have been lucky to have friendships and work relationships that are meaningful enough that I grieve their loss."

She concluded: "So police my grief if you want, but it only serves to show me how full my own life has been."

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