Canadian TV host Dina Pugliese opens up about 'first mammogram': 'Didn't really know what to expect'

Dina Pugliese wants you to look after yourself.

On Monday, the "Breakfast Televison" host took to Instagram to share a selfie alongside a candid message about getting her "first mammogram."

In the photo, the 48-year-old looked at the camera in a black mask and white patterned top. Her long, dirty blonde locks fell past her shoulders as she sat in what appeared to be a hospital waiting room.

In the caption, the Toronto-based host opened up about the "stress" associated with the scan, and why it's important to take care of yourself.

"Had my first mammogram. I didn’t really know what to expect. I will say the stress (thinking about what might be), far outweighs any discomfort felt during the actual scanning. Had a biopsy in high school and that was far worse. Family history dictates when your doctor will recommend it’s time to start. With so much happening all of the time (and putting others first), many of us can neglect our own health," she wrote. "This is a reminder to carve out time to practice self-care. Sending much love to the technologists who are there to guide us through it all, day in, day out."

In the comments, fans praised Pugliese for showing the "real" side of life and for reminding her followers to book their test.

"Good message! I need to remember to keep booking them," wrote fellow Canadian TV host Tracy Moore.

"Wishing you all positive vibes and good results, now and from here on. Such an important message and so real, thank you for sharing!" commented a follower.

"It’s very important to have them as uncomfortable as they are. I was very lucky to have detected my breast cancer early so that I could get my treatments and heal," shared someone else.

"This is so brave and important! Early detection saves lives. Really great to see public facing people like you get real about this stuff," added another.

Young woman is having mammogram examination at the hospital or private clinic with a professional female doctor.
A mammogram helps to detect breast cancer early. (Photo via Getty Images)

What is a mammogram?

According to the Government of Canada, a mammogram "is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to provide a picture of the internal structure of the breast."

The X-rays can show "abnormal growths or changes in breast tissue" before they can be found by any other method, such as self-examination. As of now, they are the only technique proven to be both safe and effective in screening for breast cancer.

Who needs to get a mammogram?

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that women between the ages of 40 to 49 to talk to their doctors about the benefits and risks of mammography, and have a mammogram every two years starting at age 50.

Also, if you have a family history associated with breast cancer, you may want to speak with a health professional about screening earlier than the age of 50 or getting tested more frequently.

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