Canadian TV host Tanya Kim opens up about anxiety and what helps her cope

Tanya Kim is opening up about her mental health. (Photo via @tanyakim on Instagram)
Tanya Kim is opening up about her mental health. (Photo via @tanyakim on Instagram)

Tanya Kim is here to help "when you're feeling down."

On Monday, the Canadian TV personality took to Instagram to share an inspirational video about mental health and anxiety with her almost 29,000 followers.

In the clip, the Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.-native filmed herself sitting in her living room while looking at the camera and taking a deep breath. The words: "When my anxiety is high and it's a not-so-great mental health day ... Miss Frankie = my seratonin," appeared on the screen, which told fans that Frankie, her three-year-old American bulldog, helps to make her happy on days she's feeling low.

In the caption, Kim reminded followers that although the world is full of ups and downs, you're not alone and there are ways to manage life's stressors.

"Lately, life has been really, really good. ... Hashtag blessed (it's not lost on me). But it certainly wouldn't be life without sprinkles of 'oh nos, 'oh craps and a 'WTF!' moment or 10 tossed in for good measure. That's the ebb and flow of life, isn't it. ... Without the ______, there would be no ______. **insert downs and ups, rain and rainbows, darkness and light," she wrote. "So I do my best to embrace life's storms, but on especially challenging (AF) mental health days, I'm beyond grateful for my dog, Miss Frankie — my serotonin. Share what lifts your spirits when you're feeling down. Sending you love, light and healing."

Fans loved the TV presenter's empowering post and praised Kim for opening up about such an important topic.

"Life is tough, but pets are therapy. Thanks for sharing what helps you!" wrote a follower.

"This is a really important message and it's nice to know that other people are out there battling the same things that I am. We got this!" shared another.

"Thank you for writing about this! Your wonderful posts, Tanya, absolutely lift my spirits when I'm feeling down!" a fan told Kim.

"Sending you big love, keep being real and life will work out — for all of us," said someone else.

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