Canadian TV hosts look like 'The Powerpuff Girls' in vibrant outfits: 'So gorgeous'

Canadian TV hosts Jess Smith, Lindsey Deluce and Andrea Bain are giving fans a taste of "The Powerpuff Girls."

On Tuesday, a carousel of photos was shared to the official Instagram account for CTV's "Your Morning," showing off the three hosts wearing vibrant, monochromatic outfits. Smith rocked hot pink trousers with a matching top and blazer; Deluce opted for a bright green suit and white shirt and Bain wore a sleeveless, cardinal red ensemble.

"OK. We love this! [Jordan Mulgrave] knows how to inspire for a great photo shoot," read the caption, alongside eight photos of the trio striking various poses.

Fans quickly applauded the "Your Morning" crew for their bright and bold outfits.

"Love all of these looks! So gorgeous. Giving 'Powerpuff Girls' vibes, or the new 'Charlie's Angels!'" one person commented on the post, while another added, "Look out, Marvel superheroes. These women have the power."

"Beautiful colours shown off today!" someone else wrote.

One fan shared, "Love it! Power Puffs!"

"OMG, I love these gorgeous colours!" another penned.

"Love this," one person added.

Earlier this week, another CTV personality garnered praise for her colourful outfit choice: Meteorologist Kelsey McEwen.

Fans applauded a photo shared by the "Your Morning" Instagram account of McEwen posing in a bright pink raincoat and matching rubber boots, while in front of the base of Niagara Falls on Tuesday.

"We are so excited! On Wednesday, [Kelsey McEwen] will be broadcasting live from the base of Niagara Falls all morning — and this is going to be the background shot! It's epic!" the caption reads.

"I love the pink raincoat and boots Kelsey is wearing," one person commented on the photo, while another wrote, "OMG, the colour of the coat and boots... Love it!"

"It's the pink coat and boots for me. So cute!" another shared.

"Beautiful," someone else chimed in.

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