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Where’s Watson?

This year’s costume has Canadians raising their eyebrows –not because the Prime Minister is dressed as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes – but because of his pipe. (Photo via Instagram)

Canadians have some questions about Justin Trudeau's Halloween costume

Sure, running a country probably takes up a lot of time, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t one to skip out on Halloween. And while his most recent costume might not be very spooky, it does have Canadians laughing.

After previous years of dressing as a pilot from “Le Petit Prince” and trying to pull off his best Han Solo, people think this year’s costume may be his most relevant.

Trudeau dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, alongside his family of ghouls and one unicorn. But it’s not the costume that is in the spotlight – it’s the pipe.

Stepping out in the costume just two weeks after the legalization was weeks after marijuana was legalized in Canada, some Canadians are wondering what exactly is in Trudeau’s pipe.

Click through the gallery to see more of the PM’s Halloween costumes over the years.

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