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Welcome to April, Cancer. After navigating the emotional currents of the lunar eclipse last month, which underscored the importance of letting your friends and family know how much they mean to you — or else risk relationships come to a halt — April brings a solar eclipse that heralds new beginnings…but also a recipe for stress. However, there are so many opportunities to advance your career this month that, as long as you know when to step back and opt for leisure, you'll be too busy making your dreams come true to care.

And, oh yeah, there's a Mercury retrograde that kicks off the month beginning on Monday, April 1. As the communication planet is traversing your 10th House of Social Status, you'll likely feel pulled to put in work to get ahead, but you must accept that things will be delayed. People are going to be slow to respond to emails and it's not an ideal time to sign contracts. Allow yourself a break from any attempts at girl (or boy) boss culture and give into the simplicity of leisure without guilt. This period is less about climbing the ladder and more about grounding yourself in the joy of friendships.

By Thursday, April 4, abundant Venus, ruler of love, money, and beauty, moves into assertive Aries, which can present you with career opportunities. However, the influence of Mercury retrograde suggests an opportunity to strategize and reflect rather than make big decisions. Are you truly where you wish to be? Remember that your happiness and fulfillment are non-negotiable, and that those don't have to come from work — we all have to put food on the table, and not everyone has their dream job, which is okay. Use this time to reflect on how you want to spend your time during this life and know that opportunities for action arise later this month.

Monday, April 8 brings the new moon and solar eclipse in Aries. Eclipses are synonymous with transformation, and this particular alignment could lead to unforeseen opportunities, especially as it pertains to your social status. However, eclipses can also be exhausting. Remember, it's best to relax and reflect for now. As the sun transitions into luxurious Taurus on Friday, April 19, the next few weeks emphasize the importance of nurturing friendships, continuing a theme that began last month. You're a sign that knows the irreplaceable value of chosen family. In a world often fixated on productivity, this period serves as a reminder that stepping back to have some fun is equally, if not even more, important. Invest time and energy with your favorite people. Your friendships provide the foundation upon which the rest of life is built.

You're focused on sex and romance during the full moon in sexy Scorpio on Tuesday, April 23, which activates your 5th House of Pleasure. This is a time to embrace your desires, whether through sex with a partner, opting to feel good with a vibrator, or simply allowing yourself to bask in rest and relaxation. Your Scorpio full moon assignment is to feel good, whatever that means for you.

Keep your mind open to the idea of falling in love with someone you already know.

On Thursday, April 25, Mercury goes direct, marking an end to the retrograde’s confusion. With clearer skies and more upbeat moods, it's time to put into action the plans you’ve been mulling over. The career opportunities that have emerged deserve your attention—pursue them with confidence, Cancer. And, speaking of pursuing. When Venus switches into Taurus on Monday, April 29, there's a chance that a few of you may develop a crush on a friend or start dating someone in your social circle. Plenty of people are currently opting for IRL meets instead of dating app messages, so if you're looking, keep your mind open to the idea of falling in love with someone you already know.

Finally, on Tuesday, April 30, the warrior Mars moves into its home sign of Aries, marking the end of the reflective pause necessitated by the eclipse and Mercury retrograde. This is the moment to chase your dreams with that signature Cancer passion. Remember, this doesn't have to be about your day job. It could be a call to spend more time working on your favorite hobby. You spent the month reflecting and now you deserve to reap the rewards. Good luck, Cancer, and we'll see you in May.

Important dates in April 2024:

Monday, April 1: Mercury goes retrograde in Aries
Thursday, April 4: Venus enters Aries
Monday, April 8: New moon and solar eclipse in Aries
Friday, April 19: Sun enters Taurus
Sunday, April 21: Juno goes direct in Virgo
Tuesday, April 23: Full moon in Scorpio
Thursday, April 25: Mercury goes direct in Aries
Monday, April 29: Venus enters Taurus
Tuesday, April 30: Mars enters Aries

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