Cardi B's daughter got a $25K Birkin bag for her birthday. Should kids get expensive gifts?

“Not getting everything we want when we're little helps us build resilience," says an early childhood expert.

Cardi B's recent birthday gift to her daughter stirred up mixed reactions from fans. (Instagram/@iamcardib)
Cardi B's recent birthday gift to her daughter stirred up mixed reactions from fans. (Instagram/@iamcardib)

Children whose parents are incredibly wealthy have a unique experience in the world, according to a childhood expert, after seeing photos of Cardi B’s gift to her daughter.

A-list rappers Cardi B and Offset gifted their first daughter, Kulture Kiari, a pink Hermès Birkin for her birthday on July 10. The bag can retail for up to $25,000.

"My baby is five… Happy birthday to my pretty princess," the mom of two wrote on Instagram. "It’s beautiful seeing my girl grow yet makes me a [little] sad that my baby is not my little baby no more."

In the comments of Cardi's post, many wished Kulture a happy birthday and praised the rapper for being a great mom.

"I respect the fact that she clawed her way to the top and does everything for her child. She truly gives her child everything she never had and it's so nice to see her child so well taken care of," one person wrote.

However, not everyone thought the Birkin is an appropriate gift for a child.

"The money mommy spent for that bag could help a charity! People in this world [are] suffering! Allow a kid to be a kid! Love you Cardi B [and] Kulture!" one fan said.

Stacks on US $100 bill bundles in ascending order on white shelf, green background. A Birkin bag can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. (Getty)
A Birkin bag can cost more than $25,000. (Getty)

Another pointed out it’s their "whole 20 paychecks in one bag."

Is it bad to give kids expensive gifts?

Nikki Martyn, the program head of early childhood studies at the University of Guelph-Humber, says that "sometimes in our society we equate stuff with love."

According to Martyn, a child like Kulture probably doesn’t understand what a $25,000 bag is.

Regardless of socioeconomic background, the expert believes a parent's focus should be more on the child's experiences, so they can help them develop resilience and empathy.

"Not getting everything we want when we're little helps us build resilience, so feeling some disappointment… is important for child development," said Martyn.

“This helps them as they grow older because…we don't get everything in life that we always want,” she added.

Feeling some disappointment… is important for child development.Nikki Martyn

Martyn said oftentimes when people didn’t have as much when they were younger, and end up having the ability to give a lot, will want to make their children’s lives a little easier.

But, it’s important for parents to remember love is not about gifts or expensive toys, Martyn added. Instead, it's about creating moments of connections — for example, how Kulture goes running happily towards her dad in one of the videos in the birthday post.

"It's those moments of love and connection. It's those times of giggling together. It's about the hugs. It's about sadness and being there and creating security… that your parents always have your back," said Martyn.

"When we equate love with material stuff, then you can never have enough because you can never be full because there's always more that's needed," she added.

Martyn says that by focusing on these moments of love and human connection, children will learn to develop gratitude because they can appreciate what they have more.

It's those moments of love and connection.Nikki Martyn

Teaching a child to work for their goals is also important.

"Learning to delay gratification is really important because it means that what the child is actually learning to do is how to wait for rewards, how to wait for what they want and how to learn to set goals — and to work for them," Martyn explained.

Celebrating accomplishments

Martyn added children need to feel bored sometimes.

"It’s important that they don’t get everything they want all the time, that they find they have to be creative and figure out what to do."

However, celebrating accomplishments matters.

Last month, Cardi B and Offset's family celebrated as Kulture graduated pre-kindergarten. They shared photos from her big day, including one of a mom-and-daughter dinner.

"My baby moving on up… I’m a emotional proud mommy…Give me good grades and I’ll give you the world baby," Cardi wrote on her Instagram account.

Martyn said parents often want to be able to celebrate success and make their child feel like they have achieved something.

"There's an accomplishment, and the accomplishment comes through perseverance and dedication," the expert said.

"We wanna be able to provide children with those experiences so they feel like, as they grow up, they have agency in the world, that they can make things happen, that there is a cause and effect," she said.

Accomplishment comes through perseverance and dedication.Nikki Martyn

By allowing kids to accomplish things and have different experiences, Martyn said it could help them develop empathy and compassion. That's especially true when it comes to privileged, wealthy kids who might assume everyone has grown up with the same experiences.

But, downtime and a sense of normalness is recommended.

"They go on really amazing trips and they have a very unique lifestyle," said Martyn.

"But when parents create opportunities for some discomfort, for some learning, for maybe not getting everything they want… it helps to develop empathy and compassion so they can understand how other people live."

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