Carrie Johnson shares heart-melting photo of Wilfred during bank holiday break

Boris and Carrie Johnson walking hand in hand
(WPA Pool)

Carrie Johnson is spending her bank holiday break with her three children and their pet ducks at their Oxfordshire home.

On Monday, the mum-of-three took to her Instagram Stories to share the most adorable photo of her eldest son, Wilfred, four, relaxing on a sofa with one of their ducklings. The heart-melting photograph featured the young boy with the duckling nestling into his chest in a bid to keep safe.

"Wilf asleep on the sofa with Betty," Carrie noted in her caption as she was also moved by the sweet image.

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Carrie and her family were given the duck eggs as a present from a neighbour over the weekend, after welcoming others through their own ducks. Over the weekend, Carrie shared a sweet video where some of her new ducklings emerged from their eggs for the first time.

A young boy sleeping with a duckling
Carrie was besotted with the sweet photo (Insatgram)

The family first welcomed three ducklings, before eight more arrived, however, last month, there was some sadness when one of the animals, Donny, died.

"Don didn't make it," Carrie wrote. "We all really knew from the moment he was born that he wasn't right, but I still feel very sad about it. Nature is cruel, RIP darling Donny."

A photo of ducks Wally and Daffy
Carrie and her family look after ducklings

A day before the update, Carrie revealed that her husband Boris Johnson didn't "think he'd last the night" after Donny appeared significantly weaker than Wally and Daffy while in their tank together.

Another sad photo saw Donny cuddling into one of the other little ducklings. "A rather depressing Donny update. He's still not eating & while the other gorgeous two hop around, splashing their water bowl and nibbling their chick crumb, Donny seems very lethargic, sitting very still in the corner.

Carrie and Frankie spent time in the pool together
Carrie is a doting mum to her children

"He's also about 2/3 of the size of the others now. They're growing and he isn't. Boris doesn't think he'll last the night. *Sigh. Going to give him lots of love and attention today and make him feel and will make him as comfortable as possible."

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