Carrie Johnson shares rare video of husband Boris and kids at family's £3.8million home

 Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson walking through a floral arch in a garden
Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson at The Eden Project (Getty)

Carrie Johnson treated followers to wholesome content on Sunday with a mashup of kids, countryside and five new ducks.

In her Sunday series, the former Prime Minister's wife took to Instagram to share the Johnson family rounding up the new birds into the pond of their Oxfordshire mansion.

Carrie gave the first update with a video of her 2-year-old daughter, Romy, adorably scuttling after the ducks barefoot. She added the caption: "Our lovely neighbours have given us ducks for our pond. Rounding them up was fun!"

Followers were also privy to a rare glimpse of Carrie's husband, Boris Johnson, walking after the part-human-part-bird tribe in navy trousers and a light blue shirt.

Pictures followed with each snap showing a duck in a different pair of hands before another video saw Boris placing the last duck into the pond.

"There they go," the politician, clearly joining in with the fun, told his children. "Look, there goes Black Head! Look at them!"

Indeed, Black Head is the name of one of the adopted ducks and Carrie revealed the other names in a following picture which said: "Meet Twiglet, Gherkin, Black Head, Turbo and Pickle."

Perhaps not the names we would have chosen, but an adorable bunch nonetheless!

The Johnson ducks
The Johnson ducks (Instagram)

Followers were treated to a further update on Monday morning of Wilfred, 3, standing beside his sister and checking up on the family pond before nursery - responsible, even at their age.

Carrie and her husband moved into the impressive 400-year-old property this year. The £3.8 million home, Brightwell Manor, is hidden within the depths of the scenic village Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. It houses nine bedrooms, five bathrooms, six reception rooms as well as two stables and much more on the property's five acres of land.

Carrie Johnson standing with Boris Johnson
The couple moved into their mansion in 2023 (Getty)

More than enough room to welcome the couple's third (human) addition to the family: Frank Alfred Odysseus Johnson who was born at 9:15am on 5 July.

It surely won't be long until Frank's on his feet and joining the duck-fest with the rest of the Johnsons.