Cat’s ‘flawless’ plan to escape coyotes worked — until he got stuck, photos show

Rengoku the cat needed to get creative if he wanted to escape the coyotes chasing him.

He sought shelter on high ground — on top of an old salt dome.

The fast-thinking feline had a “flawless plan,” the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) said in an April 12 Facebook post.

That is, until it came time for him to climb back down.

INDOT workers in Plymouth came to the rescue to get Rengoku to safety, photos show. Using a bucket truck, they successfully retrieved the cat sitting on top of the dome.

Rengoku was then safely returned home to his family.

“Our coworkers really are the cat’s meow!” INDOT wrote.

Plymouth is about a 120-mile drive north of Indianapolis.

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