The Chick-Fil-A Milkshake Hack Perfect For Cookie Lovers

Chick fil a drink cup
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Starbucks may be well known for its lengthy secret menu bursting with fan-made beverages, but it's far from the only fast food chain where customers have let their creativity shine; Chick-fil-A is also a hotbed for the imaginations of its clientele.

One secret menu hack you must try at Chick-fil-A if you're a dessert lover is the cookie milkshake. This treat combines Chick-fil-A's cookies and cream milkshake and a crumbled-up chocolate chunk cookie. The cookie adds big pieces of both milk and sweetened dark chocolate distributed throughout your drink, and the yummy dough softens as it soaks up the ice cream, becoming tasty, sugary morsels as you sip your beverage. Plus, since the cookies are made with oats, they bulk up your drink and make it extra hearty.

If you want to try one, you'll have to order the two items separately and then piece it together yourself. It might be a little extra effort, but if you love cookies, this is the dessert for you!

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Dressing Up Your Double Cookie Milkshake

Cookies and cream milkshake
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Half the fun of making a Chick-fil-A double cookie milkshake is that you can be creative. The cookies and cream shake comes with the option of chocolate or strawberry syrup. Chocolate can be pumped into the drink or poured on top, along with whipped cream and a cherry, to add to the sweet flavors of the cookie.

You can also add more than one chocolate chunk cookie to your drink. The more cookies you add, the more flavor you'll get. Or, try mixing in a brownie as well as the chocolate chunk treat for another boost of chocolatey flavor and to bring on the cookie theme even more. The brownie also comes with fudge chunks in it, so you get even more chocolate in your drink.

Finally, if you want to turn down the cookie flavor, you can also try swapping the cookies and cream base for a chocolate or vanilla shake. Or, experiment with some of their seasonal and limited edition shake flavors, such as their peppermint chip milkshake during the holidays. You won't get the Oreo taste, but it can be a way to enjoy a cookie milkshake with a stronger focus on the flavor of the chocolate chip treat you crumble in.

Other Chick-Fil-A Frozen Dessert Hacks To Try

milkshake topped with brownie
milkshake topped with brownie - THANAN KONGDOUNG/Shutterstock

Creating a cookie-packed milkshake isn't the only Chick-fil-A ice cream hack to give a whirl. Another option for the cookie lovers out there is to create your own ice cream sandwich. Simply order an Icedream cup and a couple of chocolate chunk cookies. Spoon the ice cream onto one cookie and sandwich the whole thing shut with the second. You could also try using brownies as your sandwich "bread" for a more chocolatey twist.

If you're after something more refreshing, try making a fruity ice cream. Just order the Icedream cup and a fruit cup and mix the two together! Alternatively, you could order a fruit cup and stir it into a milkshake for a fresh and fun drink. This could work particularly well with the strawberry or seasonal peach-flavored milkshake. Whether it's cookies, fruit, or something else you stir into your milkshake at Chick-fil-A, there are a few different options for those who want to try a milkshake their own way at this fast food chain.

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