Chicken Charlie’s newest deep-fried fare: Kool-Aid balls

“Chicken” Charlie Boghosian is a small-time celebrity on the California-fair circuit, serving his deep-fried culinary creations to his fat-craving fans from his custom-built food trailers.

This year’s experiment: deep-fried Kool-Aid balls.

Chicken Charlie uses an ice-cream scooper to form balls from a sherbert-esque batter of Kool-Aid powder, flour and water. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down in the fryer, the cherry-flavoured balls are comparable to doughnut holes, he claims.

The balls, thus far, are a hit. He sold 400 to 600 orders of the deep-fried Kool-Aid on the first weekend of the San Diego County Fair.

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This isn’t the first time Chicken Charlie’s been making headlines for his deep-fried menu. LA Weekly named him “the inventor of the deep-fried Oreo.”

Every year, he unveils a new deep-fried creation: “In 2007, he gave the world deep-fried Coca Cola, frog legs, and Elvis' favourite peanut butter banana and honey sandwiches; in 2008, it was deep-fried White Castle burgers, spam, and pop tarts. This year, he did it again: a hot dog inside a hollowed-out zucchini boat, battered, deep-fried and served on a stick — a creation he affectionately calls the zucchini-weeni; and a classic s'more, deep-fried in pancake batter,” LA Weekly reported.

His bestsellers are deep-fried avocados and deep-fried frogs' legs.

Alongside the Kool-Aid balls, his other new offerings this year are the FryBQ Ribs — deep-fried ribs, cut up and battered like chicken fingers — and the self-explanatory Totally Fried Brownie.

For “veggie” lovers, deep-fried zucchini curls also made the menu.

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