Chloe Bailey's 'Wild' Manicure Made Fans Think of Another Superstar

 Chloe Bailey.
Chloe Bailey.

No one technically owns the copyright for an extra long, blingy, and dramatic nail look. But it's hard to see a set without thinking, even for a moment, of Megan Thee Stallion. With that being said, when Chloe Bailey showed off a recent mega manicure, fans were quick to point out that her nails had a doppelgänger.

In images recently shared via Instagram, the 25-year-old is seen lounging in multiple animal-print outfits (including a zebra bodysuit). Her eye makeup is dark and catlike, with her incredible long hair boasting both braids and waves in an orange, brown, and bleach-blonde color palette. The manicure itself is long and stiletto-shaped, featuring a collection of sparkling gems over a silver-looking base.

"Girl I thought this was Megan," wrote a fan on the Grown-ish star's post. A few other commenters made the same observation.

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Bailey, for her part, didn't share her inspiration for the style—besides the obvious. "Wild side," she wrote in the post, adding a cheetah emoji.

While I'm assuming the look only accidentally echoes Megan (it's also reminiscent of Saweetie's latest glittery manicure), Bailey is no stranger to a planned beauty homage. In early December, she wore a super short wig to sing a tribute to Dionne Warwick, leading fans to wonder where her locs went under the impressively flat hairstyle. A week before, she transformed into one of Mean Girls' plastics to perform at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony.

Comparisons aside, the latest photo shoot was ultimately all Bailey. She's the one serving, after all. And if it needs to be said: There's room in the jungle for more than one set of shimmery claws.