Chris Cuomo suffers coronavirus setback: 'I got a little cocky'

Stephen Proctor
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Over two weeks after revealing he had tested positive for COVID-19, CNN’s Chris Cuomo is still stuck broadcasting from his basement. The CDC guidelines recommend ending isolation only after going 72 hours without a fever, along with other requirements. The Cuomo Primetime host fell just short, telling Dr. Sanjay Gupta that he’d made it 60 hours before his fever jumped.

“My fever was bouncing around, but it was in the range of normal for 60 hours, and then the fever came back,” Cuomo said. “And I got 101 for about two hours or so and it went back down, and now I’m doing OK. You know, I’m sweating. You know, that’s kind of par for the course. My breathing, much better.”

From the beginning, Cuomo hasn’t shied away from sharing the physical and emotional toll the illness has taken on him. On Tuesday night, he talked about the excitement he felt when he thought his ordeal might finally be coming to an end.

“I have to be honest, I got a little cocky,” Cuomo admitted to Gupta. “I started thinking about, ‘Oh, great. I can’t wait. I want to get retested. And then I’m going to do this, and then I’m going to do that, and then I’m gonna do this.’ That’s not the way COVID works. The more I learn anecdotally and from the clinicians who are treating it, it comes in waves.”

Then Gupta, who regularly appears on Cuomo’s show, had the unfortunate task of explaining the other requirements for ending isolation besides going 72 hours without a fever, and that Cuomo isn’t quite there.

“No fever for 72 hours without Tylenol, your respiratory symptoms having improved or completely gone away. And that has to have taken place at least seven days since your symptoms began, you have to be symptom free,” Gupta said. “So you’re not there yet, and I know it’s been over two weeks now, buddy. So, really thinking about you.”

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Watch Chris Cuomo get emotional about his family after his coronavirus diagnosis:

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