Chris Evans ‘Knew’ New Wife Alba Baptista ‘Was the One’ Quickly After Meeting Her

Chris Evans ‘Knew’ New Wife Alba Baptista ‘Was the One’ Quickly After Meeting Her

When you know, you know, they say, and Chris Evans knew soon after meeting his wife, Alba Baptista.

The 42-year-old star met the 26-year-old Portuguese actress in Europe, and by the time their relationship became public in November 2022, they had already been dating privately for over a year.

“It was kind of love at first sight [for Evans],” a source told People in a report published on September 11. “They got serious very quickly. He kept saying he knew she was the one.”

Evans “has been the happiest since they met,” the source added. “[She is] everything to him.”

The timing was right for Evans taking this step, the source said. He had been ready for marriage “for a while.” Now, “he can’t wait to have a family. He was just waiting for the right girl.”

chris evans and alba baptista

Baptista is truly great for him, the source explained: “She is beautiful, smart and just a good person. She is involved in charity work and truly cares about doing good. She is a very positive and happy person. It’s rubbed off on him. It’s the best news that they are married.”

Baptista and Evans had their wedding on Saturday in Cape Cod. It was a very private event where guests reportedly signed NDAs, and phones were forfeited.

Page Six reported yesterday that the couple plans to have a second ceremony in Portugal.

“There is going to be a second gathering in Portugal for members of Alba’s family who couldn’t be in Massachusetts,” a source told Page Six. “Sometime this week, I believe. Then they’ll depart from Portugal for their honeymoon.”

Neither Evans nor Baptista have commented on their marriage yet.

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