Christie Brinkley Reflects on ‘Life-Altering Milestone’ With Throwback Magazine Cover From the ’90s

Christie Brinkley Reflects on ‘Life-Altering Milestone’ With Throwback Magazine Cover From the ’90s
  • Christie Brinkley recently posted a People magazine throwback cover to reflect on her helicopter accident from 1994.

  • The former supermodel expressed her “gratitude” for the life she is “blessed with.”

  • Fans offered kind words of support in the comments.

Christie Brinkley is no stranger to posting throwback magazine covers to reminisce on her life and the early days of her career. In her most recent walk down memory lane, Brinkley is expressing extra gratitude as she remembers a tragic event that happened three decades ago.

In 1994, Brinkley was involved in a nearly fatal “life altering” helicopter crash in Telluride, Colorado while on a ski trip. Thankfully, everybody involved survived the crash—but the event left an emotional mark on the former supermodel.

On Monday, Brinkley shared a People cover from the ’90s that was published after the incident in remembrance. “‘Oh, my god, we’re crashing!’ she thought. ‘I’m going to die,’” the cover read, along with her photo.

“This life-altering milestone happened 30 years ago today! But the years have not diminished my gratitude for the gift of each and every day I am blessed with,” Brinkley captioned her post. “None of us have any guarantees, fate can come knocking at any moment, so live, laugh, and make sure your friends and family know how much you love them because in the end, it’s only LOVE that matters. ❤️”

She added: “Thank you to my heroes who rescued us.”

Brinkley and her fellow passengers rode in the helicopter instead of using a typical ski lift (heli-skiing) to ski on more remote peaks. But at 12,800 feet in the air, the helicopter took a sharp turn which led to a 200-foot tumble down a mountain, People reported.

“Just boom, boom, boom, pow!” Brinkley previously told the outlet. “I would look out the window and see sky-mountain-snow, sky-mountain-snow.” Brinkley recalled thinking, “I am going to die. Right now? Like this? A ski trip? Today?”

“All of a sudden I said, ‘Alexa.’ I suddenly thought, ‘I am her mother, and she needs me. I am not going to die. I refuse. I won’t,’” Brinkley added. “With each blow I would call out her name. It was just machinery and me—‘Alexa!’ Smash! ‘Alexa!’ Smash!”

Fans remembered the horrific event alongside Brinkley in the comments section of her recent post and expressed their gratitude for her survival.

“I remember vividly reading this at the time it was published. Grateful you are still here making the world a better and prettier place. Thank you, Christie for all you do🙏💫💛✨🌼,” one fan wrote. “So unbelievable and so glad you are still here to commemorate this day and be grateful ❤️ 🙏🏼,” another added.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We are especially grateful for Brinkley’s life and career, and can’t wait to see how she inspires us next.

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