Clever storage ideas to help organize every room in your home

Fall is the perfect time to get organized — and Canadian Tire is here to help with the storage solutions you need to Prepare for Fall. From handy garage organization tips to smart storage ideas for every room in your home, we’ve got you covered.

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Having trouble keeping your home organized and clutter-free? You’re not alone. Sometimes it seems like there simply isn’t enough space for all the items we’ve acquired over the years. That’s where clever storage solutions come in: to help you declutter your home by freeing up valuable floor space and making better use of every nook and cranny.

As the calendar changes, it’s important to stay organized to make it easier to locate seasonal items, ensuring everything from your favourite fall décor and clothing to holiday decorations and more remain in their right place and easy to find.

Remember though: while adding storage can help reduce visual clutter, in order to stay properly organized, it’s smart to store like items together (especially seasonal essentials) so you can see what you’re looking for at a glance.

From under-bed and over-door storage to garage organizers and storage that doubles as décor, it’s never been easier to get clutter under control. Here are a few smart storage ideas for every room in your home to help you get better organized this fall.

Bedroom storage

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Bins can be a great way to keep clothes, shoes and other accessories from piling up on top of your dressers, or that comfy reading chair currently being taken up by closet overflow. The Home Edit by iDesign line features a number of handy all-purpose bins ranging from small to XL that’ll help declutter open shelves and closets. Prefer containers you can stack and store? These modular type A Clarity containers come in a variety of sizes and feature an easy snap-on lid and clear design, making it easy to see what’s inside at a glance.

Here’s another convenient out-of-sight, out-of-mind storage solution to help you make use of otherwise wasted space: The slim and stackable type A Clarity Under-Bed Container slides right under your bed and is perfect for storing off-season clothing.

Living room storage

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The best storage solutions are capable of double duty, making this type A Momentum 3-Tier Utility Cart an ideal living room organizer because you can add decorative pieces on top and leave it on display, or simply wheel it away and store it elsewhere if you need more floor space. Meanwhile, these small but sleek open front wooden bins and trays are perfect for making bookshelves, coffee tables and end tables look neater and more organized.

Want something that doubles as furniture and storage? The For Living Foldable Storage Bench is the perfect solution, adding extra seating and plenty of storage to your living room.

Bathroom storage

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Making use of vertical space is a key organizational tip, and over-the-toilet storage can help completely transform a small bathroom. Thanks to three storage shelves, the Sauder Nautilus Chrome Spacesaver gives you plenty of extra space, allowing you to store towels, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials in a neat and presentable way. Again, small all-purpose bins are perfect for quickly and easily sprucing up your space.

A slide-out system like this under-sink organizer, meanwhile, allows for easier access to those products hiding in the back of your sink, while the tiered shelves make more room for all your bathroom essentials. It can also be paired with a divided turntable to help you easily maintain your skincare routine. Use the clear plastic (and shatter-resistant) dividers to organize your moisturizers, serums and toners into separate sections on this rotating turntable for easy access.

Laundry room storage

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Laundry hampers and baskets can take up plenty of room, and when space is limited, that bulkiness can be frustrating. The solution? Switch to a collapsible laundry basket that fits anywhere. It’s perfect for moving your laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room, and can be flattened when not in use. This type A Indoor Outdoor Dryer is another convenient space-saver, giving you a collapsible drying rack that can hang either over a door, or deck or balcony rail.

Need more shelving to hold your laundry supplies? Add a floating shelf above or near your machines to keep detergent and dryer sheets close at hand. This collapsible 3-tier storage rack, meanwhile, gives you a handy space to sort and fold clothes on, then folds out of the way for easy storage once you’re done.

Kitchen storage

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If it’s impossible to find the ingredients you’re looking for without going on a scavenger hunt through your pantry, it’s time to get organized. For example, you could put granola, cereal and oatmeal together in one of these all-purpose wooden bins, while keeping your baking supplies in a convenient open front stacking pantry bin for easy access.

A turntable is another handy way to store everyday items like oils and vinegars, while an over-door pantry organizer is an excellent option if your cupboards are cluttered with spices and other cooking staples.

For under the sink, try these compact pull-out storage bins to keep garbage and recycling separate (and out of sight). If your space is more limited, this type A Over-the-Door Multipurpose Bin has a small footprint and a 7 L capacity.

Garage storage

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Sometimes items find a home in our garage to help free up space in the house, only to never be found again. To avoid running into this all-too-common problem, store lesser-used seasonal items together in sturdy clear plastic bins and place them on a storage rack (like this ventilated five-shelf option) so you can quickly identify what you need without digging through boxes. This Mastercraft Heavy Duty Tilt & Tow Storage Tote also comes with a built-in handle and wheels, making it easy to move around as needed.

Remember what we said about making better use of your vertical space? That goes double in your garage. The MAXIMUM 2-Door Tall Cabinet is perfect for storing car care products, tools and other shop items. Meanwhile, adding a freestanding bike rack can lift your ride up and out of the way, while making it easy to get back on the road next time you want to go for a ride.

What about tools? This DeWALT 2-Shelf Industrial Storage Rack Workbench doubles as both tool storage and a workbench, complete with a pegboard panel and deep drawer to keep your tools properly organized and easy to find. Need a work table that can be stored out of the way when not in use? The Worx Pegasus Foldable Worktable & Sawhorse is a versatile way to upgrade your workspace without taking up permanent floor space.

Fall is all about getting back to routine, and making sure both you and your home are properly prepared for colder weather. Whether you’re looking for garage storage solutions, tools to help you make quick work of fall lawn care, or time-saving cleaning products, Canadian Tire has what you need to Prepare for Fall.