The Coffee Filter Hack To Avoid Scratching Up Your Fancy Plates

Two stacked pale pink plates
Two stacked pale pink plates - Tetiana A/Shutterstock

Many fancy dinner plates are truly works of art. Such dishes might come rimmed in gold or feature intricate floral designs on their surface. While they bring a classy flair to special dining experiences, they do come with one big drawback: They're usually quite delicate and in danger of being scratched or broken. Even if you gently hand wash every single plate yourself, and keep them neatly stowed away in a china cabinet when they're not in use, some wear is inevitable. Still, there are a few things you can do to further protect these fragile plates. One such method of protection involves keeping the dishes safe while they're in storage, and it utilizes an item that you probably already have on hand -- especially if you enjoy a morning cup of joe: a paper coffee filter.

Most people opt to stack their plates while they're in storage to save space and keep the dinnerware collection together. However, the fragile makeup of porcelain and ceramic dishes means they can easily get damaged when they're being stacked or moved. To prevent this from happening, simply slip a coffee filter between each of your stacked dinner plates, making sure to flatten the filter out to protect as much surface area of the dish as possible. This clever storage method couldn't be easier, and it goes a long way in protecting the surfaces of your favorite china.

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Why This Simple Hack Does More Than You Think

A stack of coffee filters
A stack of coffee filters - Michelle Lee Photography/Getty Images

No matter what delicate material your fancy dinner plates are made of, this easy hack can be the difference between an impeccable piece of china and one covered in scratches and chips. Although it may seem like a minor step in the storage process, sticking a coffee filter between stacked plates really can make a difference. Repeatedly stacking and sliding plates can wear down the material over time; even a thin piece of paper will help to delay this damage. Depending on the size of your filters, you may want to use more than one, though some larger filters can cover nearly 10 inches in diameter -- enough for most dinner plates.

For more protective materials, you can also use things like styrofoam or paper plates, or even specially made felt plate dividers. Still, coffee filters are among the most cost-effective of these choices.

While coffee filters can help prevent your dishes from being scratched, there are plenty of other factors to consider when keeping your plate pristine. There are even smart ways to store your plates to ensure your dishes stay as vibrant as the day you bought them.

Other Ways To Protect Those Prized Plates

A chef holds a stack of white plates
A chef holds a stack of white plates - Tomml/Getty Images

To further protect your china, make sure you're also ensuring that your plates are stored correctly to begin with. Fine, fancy plates require more than just an empty spot in your cupboard. Avoid potential disasters by storing them in a place where they won't be disturbed, such as in a china cabinet or a hutch. Keeping fancy plates separate from your usual dinnerware prevents any accidental dropping or sliding of plates. To further prevent this, keeping your plates secured in a box is also a smart idea.

When it comes time to store these dishes, be patient with the process. Take your time while stacking these plates, and lay them down gently on top of one another. (And don't forget those coffee filters.) Also, avoid over-stacking to further prevent them from falling. To avoid any mishaps, try not to stack more than eight plates on top of one another. This also helps protect the bottom dishes from becoming stressed by the weight of the other plates on top of it.

Fancy dinner plates bring life and color to the dinner table, and they deserve to be treated with both appreciation and care. By being patient with the storage process, you can enjoy these plates for a lifetime, so make some time for those easy extra steps.

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