Cole Sprouse's oversized suit at Paris Fashion Week is Matilda Djerf-coded

Cole Sprouse's oversized suit at Paris Fashion Week is Matilda Djerf-coded

The oversized dressing trend is by no means a new phenomenon. Fashion has long favoured a loose and voluminous silhouette to instantly imbue an outfit with a laid-back cool-girl vibe that a tight, fitted ensemble could never possess. An aesthetic Dutch influencer Matilda Djerf has mastered, making oversized dressing her signature style.

However, for the upcoming spring summer season, the trend has been supersized from blazers and button-down shirts to pretty much your entire outfit. And looking ahead to autumn winter, it's only going to get bigger.

Yep, we may still be waiting for spring to, well... spring, but the fashion set is firmly focused on the end of the year with designers showcasing their AW24 collections at New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. The latter of which is taking place RN.

So if you need further confirmation the oversized trend is expanding to epic proportions, may we direct you to Cole Sprouse at the Balenciaga Womenswear AW24 show?

cole sprouse oversized suit balenciaga
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From the padded shoulders extending far beyond his own, the hem falling to his knees and the sleeves that finished far beyond his fingertips, there's no denying Cole's blazer swamped his frame. Paired with equally oversized wide-leg trousers and shoes that featured an elongated narrow toe, the whole look took the oversized trend to new extremes. The only fitted element of his entire ensemble was his nude roll-neck top.

Yep, it's certainly Matilda Djerf-coded, but Cole may have gone a little *too* far if social media reactions to his 'fit are anything to go by. While one person hilariously referenced RuPaul's Drag Race and suggested Cole's outfit was intentionally big to accommodate a second outfit underneath, another compared his look to a cartoon Frankenstein's monster.

Seems the jury is still out on if bigger really is better.

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