Canadian TV anchor praised for 'profound humanity' after crying on air

Coleen Christie wants fans to know that "even news anchors cry."

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Canadian news anchor Coleen Christie garners applause from viewers after crying on air via Global News
Canadian news anchor Coleen Christie is being praised after an emotional on-air segment. (Photo via Global News)

Coleen Christie wants fans to know that "even news anchors cry."

The Canadian TV reporter was recently applauded for showing her emotional side while delivering news on the war in Ukraine.

“I’m sorry, it’s so emotional,” Christie said tearfully after reporting that a volunteer soldier learned their friend was still alive two months after they were presumed dead.

"I can only imagine what that would have been like," she added.

"OK," she said after taking a brief moment to regain her composure, before resuming the Global newscast.

Following the broadcast, viewers praised the anchor for her "profound humanity" and her professionalism.

"I've watched you for years and love the way you present the news — with just a touch of humanity (being real)," a fan shared.

"Profound humanity and professionalism by @coleenchristie," one person wrote.

Another tweeted: "Thank you for your realistic response on air to the story of the soldier finding his friend. You are a very genuine reporter."

Christie later took to Twitter to reply to the supportive messages from the audience, and reveal that she "wasn't expecting" to have an emotional response to the story.

"I wasn’t expecting to respond that fully. Some stories hit me harder than others," she penned. "The war in Ukraine being one of them."

"Even news anchors cry," she added in a separate tweet.

Christie told Daily Hive that in addition to finding the story moving, her emotions were also high in general.

“I have to admit I’m a little fragile right now because my dad just died,” she said.

Her Christie said about losing her dad Alan recently following his battle with Parkinson’s.

Earlier this month, Christie opened up to her Instagram followers about how she has been "coping with grief" at work since her father's passing.

"It's the first day back at work for me after losing my dad and a committed relationship," she said. "The goal today is to not cry — and I don't mean tears of sadness, but tears of gratitude because I know I'm surrounded by the love and support of my colleagues."

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