Here's Why Basketball Star Cameron Brink Isn't Playing Right Now

Here's Why Basketball Star Cameron Brink Isn't Playing Right Now

All eyes are on women's college basketball star Cameron Brink right now, especially after she suffered an injury during a January 19 game against Oregon. And as March Madness gets into full swing, there's no doubt her name will be front and center during game coverage. After all, the college senior has dominated the court since she first joined Stanford University's team.

In her three years playing for Stanford, Cameron has racked up awards and championships for the team. Plus, the shining star already has brand deals with big companies like New Balance and Buick, and even calls Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry her “brother.”

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the best new players in women’s basketball right now:

She recently injured her leg during a game.

While playing against Oregon, the Stanford player injured her left leg in the first quarter, per The San Francisco Chronicle. Cameron had a hard time getting back on her feet, and actually needed help from her teammates to move from the court to the bench. She continued icing her knee and calf throughout the second half of the game, but did not return to play. She also remained on the bench during Sunday's game against Oregon State.

Cameron hasn't made any statements yet about her injury.

She’s from New Jersey.

Cameron was born in Princeton, New Jersey, but grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, according to USA Basketball. She played basketball in high school and was even named the USA TODAY Oregon Player of the Year, per Stanford.

She’s got offers from Oregon and UConn.

After an illustrious high school career in Oregon, Cameron was highly sought after by many colleges after graduation. She was offered the opportunity to play for the University of Connecticut, Stanford University, and the University of Oregon, The Oregonian reported at the time.

She is a senior at Stanford.

When it came time to commit to a college to play basketball, Cameron landed on Stanford. There, she's majoring in communications.

Cameron told The Oregonian that she had always hoped she would attend the California school ever since she went to a basketball camp there the summer after her seventh grade year.

“Stanford has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember,” she told the newspaper at the time. “I couldn't see myself anywhere else.”

Now, the forward is entering her senior season, and it looks like she's ready to take some names (and trophies).

She’s 22 years old.

Cameron is a New Year’s Eve baby, which meant she celebrated her 22nd birthday at the tail end of 2023. This also makes her a Capricorn, an astrological sign known for their hard work and perseverance.

She’s six foot four.

Yep, she's really 6'4", so it's safe to say she’s definitely built like a basketball star.

Her godmother is Steph Curry’s mom.

Cameron’s godparents are none other than Dell and Sonya Curry, parents of NBA legend Steph Curry, per The Oregonian. Cameron’s mother, Michelle Bain-Brink, and Sonya were roommates at Virginia Tech, and the families have remained close throughout the years.

She calls Steph Curry her “brother.”

Cameron says Steph Curry is like family to her. “He's like my brother basically, so it's just like seeing a family member you've known forever and someone you would run around with and goof off with, and then all of a sudden you see him on the cover of cereal boxes," she told the newspaper.

She added: “It's crazy because he's such a normal person in your life, and thousands and thousands of people look up to him.”

Steph has given Cameron a shoutout, too, and talked to reporters about the hard work she put into her career ahead of her NCAA debut in 2021. Steph recalled fondly a time he and his father gave Cameron tips for her jump shot when she was a kid.

“I know she’s going to keep getting better,” Steph said at a press conference. “I honestly don’t need to tell her much now; she’s just kind of off and running. It’s been awesome to watch and see.”

She’s signed at least 16 NIL deals.

Cameron made history in August when she became the first female basketball player to be sponsored by New Balance, per Sports Illustrated. She has signed 15 name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals so far, per, including deals with big brands like Celsius, Buick, Urban Outfitters, Icy Hot, and Stanley.

She’s won a ton of athletic awards.

Cameron is extremely accomplished, even at just 22! She’s won several awards, according to Stanford, including:

  • WBCA Defensive Player of the Year in 2023

  • NCAA Champion 2021

  • Wooden Award All-America 2023

  • Preseason Associated Press All-American 2023

  • Wade Watch List 2023

  • Naismith Trophy Watch List 2023

  • Gatorade State Player of the Year in 2018 and 2019

  • Oregonian 6A Player of the Year in 2018 and 2019

She has a boyfriend named Ben.

Cameron met Ben Felter at Stanford, and they've been dating for nearly three years. Ben, also a senior, is on the rowing team. He's originally from Palo Alto, CA.

Cameron posts lots of cute couple pics on her Instagram, including snaps from vacays they take together.

You'll want to stay tuned for more updates on the young basketball star as the WNBA draft approaches in April.

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