Professors, RAs, And Other University Workers, Tell Us What Most People Would Be Surprised To Learn About Your Job

Plenty of us have horror stories from our college/university days, but I'm sure the people who work there have some truly wild things to share.

For example, if you're an admissions counselor, you might know some surprising things that can get potential students' applications rejected.

Cecily Strong on Saturday Night Live, standing in front of a screen with the word "Admissions" and academic emblems
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Or if you're a professor, maybe there's a department secret your students would be shocked to learn.

Pete Davidson and Benedict Cumberbatch are in an office, engaged in a conversation. Benedict wears business attire and gestures with his hands
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Or if you're a custodian, you may have found some pretty weird things students tend to leave behind after moving out of campus housing.

Mr Johnson from Abbott Elementary
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So, if you've ever worked at a college or university, what's something most people would be shocked to learn about your job? Share your answers in the comments or in this anonymous Google Form, and they may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!