The common mistake to avoid when hanging art in your home

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3 expert tips on how to decorate with artpaul massey

Artwork is the final flourish in any interior project, adding character and a sense of personality to your space, as well as being a visually striking way to draw the eye.

However, knowing how to best display your artwork, as well as how to pair or curate it, can prove a little intimidating. Yes, you can pick a spot and get your hammer and nails ready, but for maximum impact, a more conscious approach is vital. London-based interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke talks us through how best to decorate your space with art, so you can make the most of your treasured collection.

3 expert tips on how to decorate your home with art

'Even if you have a large and varied collection, decorating and planning an artwork scheme in a home can feel like a daunting task,' says Naomi. 'My advice is to pick the most special three or four pieces and hang these in the most prominent places – think over a mantelpiece or in an entrance hall – then the pressure is off and it will flow from there.

'Ensure you have fun with it – put up those silly pictures where people can see them and remember you can always change things around.'

We advise laying out all of your available artwork on the floor to determine which ones draw your attention the most. These are the pieces that reflect you best as an individual and give you a solid starting point when it comes to deciding what artwork will take centre stage.

You might think that hanging artwork is the last step of the interior design process, but think again. Artwork can act as the catalyst for the rest of the room – not only colour-wise but for decor and furniture, too. This is a particularly good way to get started if you're planning an entire room transformation.

'We're often drawn to our favourite colours within art, so I always ask clients to show me their artwork,' notes Naomi. 'It is such a personal choice and I find it insightful to see what people choose to hang on their walls. From there, I can usually understand pretty quickly what colour palette to work from and the feeling a person wishes to curate in their home.'

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Forever Wandering Abstract Desert Canvas, Green LiliAdam Kang

Pick your favourite piece of artwork, and take it from there – think of it as a moodboard for the rest of the interior. Consider the textures, colours, and patterns that not only work with the art but highlight it to the best effect.

Placement is everything when it comes to making the most of your artwork collection. You want to be able to appreciate it without straining your eyes or your neck, so keeping it well within comfortable view is of paramount importance.

'It's a common mistake to place art too high on a wall, which will make the ceiling feel smaller as well as make it more difficult to appreciate the artwork,' explains Naomi.

You could try semi-permanent hanging strips to test artwork placement before making a more solid decision. Or, use brown paper (cut to the same size as your art) as a handy visual guide whilst you work out the best spot for hanging your pieces.

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