From Coors Light to Bud Light: Bartender claims she can tell if a man is cheating based on his beer order

A bartender has gone viral online after claiming she can identify specific types of boyfriends by which type of beer they order.

Paige, who goes by @paigelydick0 on TikTok, received more than six million views since she posted her viral video on Monday. In the clip, the Nebraska-based bartender lists the names of six popular American beers and what each informs her about the person ordering them.

“Is your boyfriend cheating on you based off of his favourite beer?” Paige began the video. “My credentials: I work at a bar and I’ve had horrible relationships and they’ve all drank something different, so listen up.”

She started her video off with Coors Light and claims that if a man orders Coors Light at a bar, it means he’s “probably a nice guy” and there’s nothing to worry about. Although, he may be “cocky” and will flirt with other girls during a night out.

For number two, Bud Light, Paige says: “If your fiancé, your husband, your boyfriend, your sneaky link is drinking Bud Light, he’s probably gay, babe. On to the next.”

If a man orders Miller Lite at a bar, Paige simply said: “Marry him. Propose right there.”

“He is the cutest little country boy and he loves you and he will never cheat on you,” she added.

The most controversial beer, Paige said, was Michelob Ultra. "Alright, this one is going to make people very upset,” she warned. “If he’s drinking Michelob Ultra, leave him as soon as he orders it. Get up and leave because he’s cheating on you.”

Not only that, but Paige said he “probably has another marriage somewhere” too.

For men who drink Keystone beers, she simply labelled them as abusive. As for guys who order Busch Light, it’s a mixed bag. “Majority of Busch Light drinkers, sweethearts,” Paige said. “They’re not better than Miller Lite but they’ll treat you right.”

While Paige captioned her TikTok, “I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them,” she did clarify in the comments section that the video is just meant to be a joke.

“This is based off of the kinds of people who order this at the bar I work at or people I know,” she shared.

Although her video was just for fun, it still seemed to hit close to home for a lot of beer drinkers who agreed with Paige in the comments section.

“The accuracy!!” one TikToker commented.

“Most accurate beer facts ever,” another user wrote.

“Finally some love for us Miller boys,” said someone else, while another user commented: “Personally attacked with the Bud Light”

One person asked, “My favorite beer is the coldest one in the cooler. What does that say about me?”

Paige simply replied: “Drunk.”

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