I put these $15 heat patches to the test to see if they really relieve period cramps

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These heating pads help banish period cramps for good. Image via Cora.
These heating pads help banish period cramps for good. Image via Cora.

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When it comes to dealing with period pain, there are plenty of remedies that can be used to help relieve the cramps and discomfort that often occur. Over the counter medicine like ibuprofen is usually recommended for menstrual pain and heavy bleeding, but if you’d prefer to go a non-medicinal route, you can still find ways to beat the pain.

Applying heat to sore areas has long been a natural way to soothe cramps, whether that’s with a warm bath or a hot water bottle. Now there’s also a new way to deliver targeted heat where you want it most, and at just $15 it’s an affordable way to banish cramps for good.

What is it?

The Cora Heat Relief Patches are the newest way to deal with period pain and cramps, with an innovative design that provides up to eight hours of relief. The naturally warming patches adhere to the outside of your underwear, and provide heat from activated carbon that slowly warms up to 140°F.

Cora Heat Relief Patches

Heat Relief Patches. Image via Cora.
Heat Relief Patches. Image via Cora.

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Each individually packaged heating pad is designed to be easy to use, portable, and discreet while providing long-lasting comfort. With an oblong shape that contours to the body, it’s perfect for use on either the abdomen or the lower back.

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I had a chance to try them out for myself, and was honestly surprised by the gentle yet lasting heat that really helped to soothe my day one cramps. I applied the heating patch first thing in the morning and was impressed to find it still generating heat by the end of my workday. Since I tend to only have the occasional day of period cramps, my box of six patches is sure to last for a few months, but you can also purchase them in packs of up to 30. They're also available in a convenient quarterly subscription, in case you'd like to maintain a constant supply of heating pads.

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What others are saying

Although they’re a relatively new product from Cora, the Heat Relief Patches have so far earned an impressive 4.7 star rating from fans.

“I get really, really painful cramps the first couple days of my cycle. The heat relief gives me so much comfort and it stays warm for hours!! Absolutely love this product,” said one reviewer.

Not only are shoppers loving their products, but also the mission behind the brand as each purchase provides access to health education and pads to girls who need them.

“Love my products, and the self heating pads for cramps are amazing. Love that I can support young girls in need through my purchase and also use products that are eco friendly,” reads one review.

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In addition to the heating pads, Cora also sells a range of period products made from organic cotton, as well as environmentally-friendly menstrual cups and period underwear. While I haven’t yet had a chance to test any of those out, I have enjoyed the Heat Relief Patches enough to give them a shot in the future.

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