Costco Is Cracking Down On Non-Members Eating At The Food Court

Costco food court
Costco food court - George Rose/Getty Images

Costco is no stranger to implementing changes, even when it comes with harsh criticism from fans. Costco lovers are particularly sensitive to changes made to the iconic food court. Recently, Costco added a chocolate chip cookie to their food court menu, although rumor has it they may soon be reverting to the fan-favorite churro after an influx of pushback. But some changes made by the company are simply not up for debate. According to Business Insider in 2018, Costco founder Jim Sinegal harshly defended the Kirkland hot dog combo price, which has remained at $1.50 since the food court began back in 1985. Although the price of this iconic combo remains, Costco is now putting its foot down about who has access to its food court offerings.

One user in the r/Costco subreddit shared a photo of Costco's latest policy change, claiming that the food court will only serve guests with a valid membership starting on April 8, 2024. In a discussion about the alleged change on Fox5 News, one reporter asked, "What brand loyalty are you hoping to get [by enforcing this policy]?" Another reporter jokingly called this change, "Fast food discrimination." While we wouldn't go that far, many non-members were very disappointed to hear of Costco's policy change.

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Is The $1.50 Hot Dog Combo Enough To Justify The Price Of A Costco Membership?

Costco policy change sign
Costco policy change sign - Reddit / GoldAssociation7261

The posted sign that has Costco members and non-members alike buzzing over this policy change was spotted in Orlando, Florida. Not everyone agreed with the policies before this announcement. One Reddit user from California responded to the photo saying, "My local outdoor food court has required a membership card and has for years since I joined. Guess it varies by location." Another user chimed in claiming, "The Costcos with an outside food court required memberships, inside courts didn't. Now it seems that they're making it mandatory across the board."

Whether or not the policy was strictly enforced before, it seems the company is now cracking down on non-members buying cheap food court items without paying the annual membership fees. This is meant to sway shoppers who clearly enjoy what Costco has to offer but may have been on the fence about committing to a membership. Some Reddit users were happy to see that this policy is being enforced, with hopes that this will keep lines short and prices low for Costco members. If you have been fortunate enough to enjoy Costco's food court offerings without a membership, you only have two more days to grab all your favorites. If the cheesy food court pizza, underrated sundaes, and cheap hot dogs are too good of a deal to let go, you could always invest in a membership starting at $60 a year.

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