Costco's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Is Back And Just As Expensive As Ever

Costco's chocolate peanut butter pie
Costco's chocolate peanut butter pie - thecostcoconnoisseur/Instagram

When Costco first released its then-brand-new chocolate peanut butter pie in 2023, shoppers were excited about the unfamiliar dessert aimed at the bulk retailer's most sweet-toothed members. The pie features a buttery graham cracker crust, creamy peanut butter mousse, and rich chocolate mousse. However, the decadent dessert has often been hard to find on Costco's shelves, much to the dismay of its fans, who often left many of the big box store locations with shortages of the pie due to the popular dessert selling out so quickly. However, it appears that the chocolate peanut butter pie has now returned. Though if you want it, you'll have to pay a pretty penny for it.

In a Reddit post titled "Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is back!," a Redditor included a photograph of the pie on the bakery shelves at Costco, along with a photograph of the pie's price tag. The pie is still $19.99, and fans of the dessert aren't shy when it comes to sharing their thoughts about how pricey they think it is.

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Reactions To The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie's Price Are Mixed

Chocolate peanut butter pie
Chocolate peanut butter pie - agent_shir / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

For some Costco shoppers, the cost of the chocolate peanut butter pie is worth it for several reasons. In the aforementioned Reddit thread, one poster made it plain and simple as to why they don't mind the $19.99 price. They said, "It is absolutely worth the price, it's so tasty." Another commenter tried to explain how the price may make sense for Costco and its customers. The Redditor wrote, "It's 4.5 lbs and Costco ingredients. I wouldn't consider that hyperinflation but a little overpriced. Based on the taste, you can get 10 solid slices out of it at $2 a pop."

Other Costco shoppers simply believe that asking nearly $20 for this pie is unjustifiable. "Yea I don't think this is worth $20," an Instagram user lamented not long after the pie debuted. One poster on Reddit highlighted that it's the particular type of dessert that makes the price unreasonable, sharing that it's "Far too expensive for a simple pie, even by Costco pricing standards." Another user suggested that the pie "need[s] to be $14.99" instead. If the price of this chocolate peanut butter pie is too expensive for you, you may want to make a homemade Reese's-inspired peanut butter cup pie and then upgrade your peanut butter pie with marshmallow fluff.

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