Could this $15 mouthguard really help you stop snoring?

Alyssa Tria
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Could this $15 mouthguard really help you stop snoring?

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Regardless if you or the person sleeping next to you is the problem, trying to sleep through the night-long soundtrack of loud snoring is no fun for anyone. As a result of the structures in the mouth and throat vibrating against the tonsils and adenoids, snoring a common sleeping problem caused by possible factors such as sleeping on your back, alcohol consumption and cold and allergy blockage through the nasal path. It’s also been proven that people that are overweight are more likely to snore due to the extra fatty tissues comprising through air passages.

While some factors go beyond a person’s control, there are a few easy, at-home preventive measures to help reduce or eliminate snoring.

Sleep on your side

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Sleeping on your side or on your stomach puts you in a position where your tongue and soft palate aren’t resting against the back of your throat. For those who are prone to tossing and turning, try sleeping on the side with your arms wrapped around a pillow — not guaranteed, but it’s a start.

Wear a mouthguard

A mouthguard helps retain the tongue and reposition the lower jaw to help keep the respiratory passage open during sleep. It can also double as a preventive for teeth grinding.

While custom-made mouthguards often come at a steep price, this top-rated, no.1 best-seller on from Amazon is said to work effectively. Made with the flexible density of 2mm, the Suibety Mouth Guard is designed to fit most mouths and can be moulded to different jaw alignments and teeth sizes. “Product was easily formed to the teeth and performed as described,” said one five-star review. Plus, saving you hundreds of dollars, this mouthguard is valued at only $15.

Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding, Anti Snoring Devices Snore Stopper Sleep Aid Custom Fit Night Dental Guard with Case for Sleeping

Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding, Anti Snoring Devices Snore Stopper Sleep Aid Custom Fit Night Dental Guard with Case for Sleeping

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Keep your room moist

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For many people with nasal congestion, sleeping with a humidifier in the bedroom will help keep your air passages moist and healthy, reduce inflammation and potentially stop snoring. A typical humidifier improves the moisture in a dry room by 40 to 50 per cent.

Watch what time you eat

Experts recommend spacing your dinner and bedtime by at least three hours. A heavy meal and drinking alcohol can cause your throat muscles to relax more than normal causing excessively loud snores.

Excessively snoring? It may be time to contact your doctor. Consistent, loud snoring can be a red flag for sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition. Sleep apnea reduces the levels of oxygen in the blood, eventually leading to higher blood pressure and even heart failure. The most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea are waking up gasping for air, waking up with headaches and feeling fatigued throughout the day.

Whether you or your partner are heavy snorers, we want to know what remedy works best.

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