Of Course Dakota Didn't Let A Broken Dress Distract Her From Telling A D*ck Pic Story

Of Course Dakota Didn't Let A Broken Dress Distract Her From Telling A D*ck Pic Story

Not even a broken Bottega Veneta dress can get in the way of Dakota Johnson and the punchline of a good story, as a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

Appearing on the June 19 show, the Daddio star was played a clip from her upcoming film, in which she stars opposite Sean Penn, when the left strap of her dress came loose. Of course, it didn't take long before Kimmel alerted her to the sartorial predicament.


'Your dress just came unhooked,' Kimmel said, as if the 34-year-old actor holding it together was unaware. 'Are you alright? Should I get some Scotch tape?'

dakota johnson bridal white dress
Georgie Eisdell - Instagram

Like a true professional, Johnson laughed and shrugged off the joke (but certainly not the dress) off. 'My dress.… It just fell off,' she joked, before announcing that she had decided to 'just hold it.' As she attempted to readjust the dress, she added, 'The movie is really good,' which elicited a laugh from the audience.

The 50 Shades Of Grey actor continued with the interview while holding her dress together the entire time. Amid the anecdotes she regaled Kimmel with was one story in which she spoke about casting the role of the penis that would be featured in the 'dick pic' sent by her character’s off-screen boyfriend.

gwyneth paltrow dakota johnson friendship
courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow via Instagram

'The four of us…just like four women [saying], "This one’s nice." "That one’s not great." We really studied them,' she said, before ultimately whittling the 15 potential penises down to just two. 'I felt like, because [the boyfriend] is such a douchebag in his texts, [and] that Girlie is so special, so there has to be something impressive about him,' Johnson continued, implying that they chose the larger option in the end.

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