Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt Covered 'All Too Well' – And Taylor Swift Loved It

ryan gosling and emily blunt on snl
Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt Are SwiftiesNBC - Getty Images

We can't help but think that Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt would make great dinner party guests. And it turns out they'd probably be queuing Taylor Swift songs on the playlist, too.

The pair recently appeared in an interview with Fandango to discuss their upcoming film, The Fall Guy, an action-comedy about a work-weary stuntman Colt Seavers (Gosling) trying to win back his director ex-girlfriend (Blunt).

When the interview host asked who was 'the bigger Swiftie' out of Gosling and his stuntman character Colt, the actor instantly said himself. 'Oh my God, yeah,' Blunt agreed, asking: 'Who isn't?'

Blunt said that 'Cruel Summer' was 'up there' as one of her favourite Taylor tracks, while Gosling explained that 'All Too Well' currently 'has a real soft spot in my heart'. In the trailer for The Fall Guy, Colt can be seen singing along and crying to the beloved 10-minute version of the song from Red (Taylor's Version).


This comes after Gosling's memorable performance of the Oscar-nominated musical ballad 'I'm Just Ken' in Barbie. When Blunt's character comes across Colt in the scene, she asks, 'Have you been crying to Taylor Swift?' to which he replies: 'Doesn’t everybody?'

The pair continued to show their allegiance to the singer in an appearance on Saturday Night Live on April 13. Gosling used his opening monologue to jokingly describe his 'break-up' with the character of Ken. 'When you play a character that hard, that long, letting go feels like a break-up,' he said. 'And for processing a break-up, there's really only one thing that can help: the music of the great Taylor Swift.'

The actor sat at a piano to perform a Ken-themed cover of Swift's 'All Too Well', which also featured Blunt. Swift then posted a reel of the entire monologue to her Instagram story, alongside the caption: 'All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version) !!! Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour. This monologue is EVERYTHING.'

With the release of Swift's 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, just around the corner (it will be released April 19), we imagine Gosling and Blunt are getting pretty excited. We just hope we get to see them singing along to their new favourites one day...

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