This dad has the audacity to say being a stay-at-home mom isn’t a ‘real job’

Man says being an SAHM isn't a real job

When Jared Sayre posted a video on TikTok about how stay-at-home moms don’t have a “real job,” surely he knew this would ruffle a few feathers. He said in the video, which has now been taken down “I can do all the daily responsibilities that come with taking care of a house in no time, and other than that, all you have to do is watch your kid.” Thankfully, Dustin Poynter, a content creator in Arkansas made his own stitched reaction video to this “being a SAHM isn’t real work” nonsense and we are here for it.

Most of Poynter’s followers know him as “the red flag guy” and he posts videos of his reactions to folks having “red flag tendencies” with him waving a giant red flag in response to their craziness, as well as some colorful commentary.

“Being a stay at home mom isn’t a job it’s a privilege” Sayre begins his video. He continued, “Do you know how many single mothers out there actually have jobs and then have to come home and do your ‘job?’” After this comment, Poynter runs across the screen with his red flag saying, “You just described two jobs!”

Sayre said he was a “stay-at-home dad” for four months after he got laid off and it was the easiest sh— ever and that SAHMs can nap and watch TV with all their “free time.” Pretty sure if Sayre had so much free time he wasn’t parenting correctly.

Poynter responds in the best way. “I am more frustrated than a mosquito sucking on a statue!” “Just because you ‘can’ doesn’t mean it’s not difficult,” Poynter explained, waving his red flag high.

As a child with a SAHM, and with older siblings, Poynter said he was very aware of all the work his mom was doing. “I witnessed firsthand the stress that comes with maintaining an entire house—Olympic diving across the kitchen to save your child from putting its hand in the garbage disposal 50 times a day, listening to constant screaming meltdowns … And most importantly, trying not to cause irrevocable physical and psychological harm to an innocent human being who didn’t ask to be here,” he said.

Then Sayre goes on to say he respects SAHMs and he thinks the world needs more of them because it’s better for the kids. Nice try, bucko.

“Oh, so you respect them, but you diminish their stress and effort without ever experiencing it yourself…WHAT?!” Poynter said.

Sayre added that people with full-time jobs have someone watching your every move and demanding that you do what they say the entire time.

Wait, isn’t this parenting in a nutshell? Poynter thinks so, and says that every single parent “with a pulse” will tell you that’s what parenting is.

“Let’s not play contrarian to things we have zero experience in,” Poynter concludes in his video. Amen.