Dairy Queen Blizzard Bars Are The Next Big Wedding Trend

If you're planning an upcoming wedding and are stumped on ways to wow your guests, we've got a solution. Sure, wedding cake is great, but what if you could treat your wedding guests to freshly made Dairy Queen Blizzards?

Well, according to wedding planner and author Cassie Horrell, some Dairy Queen branches offer a Blizzard bar as part of their catering services. And just like that, we suddenly hear wedding bells in our future.

"It is a HUGE hit at weddings. Delicious, unique and interactive—three things that help make a wedding unforgettable!" Horrell shared with People.

Horrell revealed that a basic package for the Blizzard bar includes ice cream, the Blizzard machine, four to five toppings, spoons, napkins, and cups. Dairy Queen staff will of course be on hand to create the Blizzards for your guests who will be able to customize their treat with the toppings available.

Dairy Queen confirmed that not only do they offer Blizzard bars, you can also have other treats from the restaurant delivered on your big day.

"Dairy Queen is the ultimate way to make a special occasion even sweeter. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of Blizzard Treats served at weddings over the years. Through pre-arranged orders and delivery, our fans have a way to get their favorite DQ treats on their special day," the restaurant said in a statement.

Fast food has been seen more and more at weddings these days. Just last year, a couple shocked their wedding guests when they served a selection of items from McDonald's at their reception.

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