Dairy Queen Is Finally Bringing Back This 'Not-So-Secret' Menu Item

It's a fan-favorite you have to try.

<p>Dairy Queen/Allrecipes</p>

Dairy Queen/Allrecipes

If there's one thing Dairy Queen knows (beyond ice cream), it's how to win over customers thanks to its vast offerings of sweet treats and even savory eats. Plus, the chain is really good at listening to its many devoted fans. Like when it recently announced that the cherry-dipped cone would be returning to menus after its discontinuation caused an uproar last year. Then, to take things from good to great, DQ also added the brand-new Confetti Cake Dipped Cone with its crunchy cake-flavored coating to the mix.

Now, DQ devotees everywhere have yet another reason to celebrate. The ice cream fast food chain known for its upside-down frozen treats will now be bringing another beloved treat back and customers can’t wait.

Dairy Queen's Peanut Brittle Crunch Cone & Sundae

After popular demand, Dairy Queen is finally bringing its Peanut Brittle Crunch Cone & Sundae to the main stage, making the dreams of many come true.

Straight off the DQ secret menu, this fan favorite is all about the coating that goes on top of the creamy soft-serve ice cream. Here, you’ll enjoy a rich peanut flavor and crunchy texture that is then dotted with colorful sprinkles.

Instagram user @Snackolator recently posted about the sweet return of this “not-so-secret” secret menu item, getting many commenters to express their enthusiasm by saying, “Yes crunch cones!” and “That peanut butter brittle is fire!”

Someone else went on to add: “Year round staple back in the day in Iowa…heavy crunch coat layer then dipped in any flavor dip coat! Bomb!”

When ordering this item, you can choose from a kid's size cone, small, medium, or large—or get it sundae style—depending on your preference. Prices will vary between sizes and locations. We'll see you in line at DQ!

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