Dairy Queen Is Selling Blizzard for 85 Cents: Here's How to Score the Deal Now

Dairy Queen Is Selling Blizzard for 85 Cents: Here's How to Score the Deal Now

Attention Dairy Queen lovers: this month DQ has a deal you won't want to miss on their iconic Blizzards. They're offering a one-time deal to score a Blizzard of your choice for just 85 cents (in this economy?!). The special promotion is to promote their new seasonal Fall Blizzard flavors which include: Pumpkin Pie, Snickerdoodle, Oreo Hot Cocoa, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie, and Caramel Fudge Cheesecake. These fall Blizzards hit the menu at the end of August and will be around all season, but the 85 cent deal is only valid from September 11 until September 24.

dairy queen pumpkin pie blizzard
Dairy Queen

How do you redeem the reward?

In order to take advantage of this limited-time offer, you'll first need to download the Dairy Queen app onto your phone. Next, you'll sign up for DQ Rewards, a free in-app rewards program. After completing these first two steps, you should see an offer appear in the app for an 85 cent Blizzard, though it may take a day or so if you weren't already a member. Then all you have to do is head to Dairy Queen and cash in. Because the promotion is a one-time deal, you can only take advantage of the deal once. If you want a 85 cent Blizzard for everyone in the family or friend group, each person will have to sign up for an account individually.

The coupon can be redeemed in person at the register or through mobile ordering. It's that simple! The hardest part will definitely be choosing you Blizzard flavor, because there are just too many good ones to choose. Fall Blizzard flavors and classics like M&M or Butterfinger are all included in the deal.

Now RUN to Dairy Queen before it's too late and enjoy your (basically free) Blizzard!

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