Dakota Johnson Opened Up About Her Relationship With Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kids


Madame Web star Dakota Johnson and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin may not be technically married, but since they've been together for seven years, Johnson is the de facto stepmom to his two kids with ex Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple, 19, and Moses, 17. And she seems to love it.

In a new interview, Johnson casually referred to Moses as “my stepson,” prompting the interviewer to ask how she likes being a stepmom. “I love those kids like my life depends on it,” Johnson told Bustle. “With all my heart.”

Johnson herself grew up in a “blended” family; her mom, Melanie Griffith, had a son with ex Steven Bauer before Dakota came along, and then welcomed another daughter with Johnson's then stepdad Antonio Banderas. Her father, Don Johnson, has four other children from other relationships as well. “I have four brothers and two sisters, and my two sisters are not blood-related to each other, but they are sisters and they call each other sisters and they are always together,” the sleepyhead said. “And my two older brothers are not blood-related to each other. And they are brothers.”

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"And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself" - New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals

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“I think because I grew up in [having a blended family], it’s come more naturally, but I wouldn’t have it any other way really,” Johnson continued. “I really wouldn’t. I love it. It feels very honest. It feels really authentic. No one’s hiding anything.”

She didn't spill any tea about what life at the Johnson-Paltrow-Martin-Falchuk house is like behind closed doors, but she did drop a hint about the kids. “Even in my adult life and my new family, most of us are artists. Even the kids, they’re extraordinarily talented people,” Johnson added, possibly alluding to Moses's and Apple's artistic ambitions. They haven't stepped out onto their own Hollywood paths just yet, but Moses has been known to take the stage with his dad, and Apple casually played the most beautiful rendition of “Blackbird” that writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner had ever heard.

You know what they say: Her web connects them all.

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