Dakota Johnson Says Taylor Swift's "Existence" Is "Radical"

"Do you, girl."

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Dakota Johnson and Taylor Swift may be very different — one says she sometimes sleeps 14 hours a day (even if she wasn't being literal) and the other calls jet lag is a choice — but as the co-queens of bangs, they have no choice but to support each other. During a new interview with Bustle, Johnson gushed about the singer's once-in-a-lifetime superstardom calling her "existence really radical."

"I really like Lover. It’s such a great album, but I think all of her albums are really great," she said when asked about her favorite Taylor Swift album. "I just find her existence really radical in the sense of what it literally means. Not rad or cool, but radical, and I’m totally into it."

"She’s a fabulous songwriter. She works so hard," she continued. "She is really kind to the people that love her. I’m just like, do you, girl. I support."

<p>Agata Serge for Bustle</p>

Agata Serge for Bustle

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Although Johnson is a self-proclaimed Swiftie (and the partner of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin), the actress isn't a fan of musicians crossing over into the film industry. Swifties, don't worry, though, Johnson thinks Swift does a good job of staying in her lane.

"I mean, I guess she was in Cats, but that’s just because she loves cats," she said. "I don’t know if this is a bullsh*t belief, but I’m like, I am an actress, I’m a filmmaker, and I will stay in my lane. I will never release an album. I will never have an art show. If there’s a musician who is like, 'I’m also an actor,' I’m like, 'No, you’re not. F*ck off.' [Laughs.] Like, the only musician who is also an actor that I’m like, OK, is Tom Waits. I’m like, 'Fine, you get to do both.' I’m so judgmental about actors, but if there’s a musician who’s like, 'I’m having an art show,' that feels OK to me. [Laughs.]"

Elsewhere in the interview, Johnson opened up about her sexuality and how her mother actress Melanie Griffith made her feel less shame surrounding the topic when growing up.

"I was lucky that I grew up with a mom who was very open — at times maybe too open — about sexuality, but it was always like, whatever you’re into and when you want to have sex, you just let me know, and we’ll get birth control," she recalled. "It was really healthy, and it made me feel like I was allowed to discover my sexuality on my own, which I think is such a gift."

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