David Foster Jokes It's 'Upsetting' When Son Rennie, 3, 'Pounds' the Piano: 'He's a Kid!'

The music executive and record producer shares his son with wife Katharine McPhee

<p>Katharine McPhee Foster/Instagram</p> David Foster and son Rennie

Katharine McPhee Foster/Instagram

David Foster and son Rennie

David Foster’s son Rennie quite doesn’t have his dad's appreciation when it comes to this particular musical instrument.

Speaking to PEOPLE and other reporters at the Tenth Breakthrough Prize ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 13, the music executive and record producer, 74, opened up about his 3-year-old son and what instrument he’s currently into.

“He goes to the piano and he pounds it, which is upsetting to me, but it's okay,” joked Foster, who shares Renne with his wife Katharine McPhee Foster. “He's a kid. He's only just turned three.”

As for whether or not Rennie might join his famous parents on stage one day, the musician said that's already happened. “We've done it," he noted. "We did it once or one and a half times and it was fun, but we're not going to make a habit of it.”

“But he's kind of going off the drums now, so we'll see where he goes,” he continued. “And he's probably going to end up being a lawyer. I don't know.”

<p>Katharine McPhee/Instagram</p> Katharine McPhee and son Rennie at Disneyland

Katharine McPhee/Instagram

Katharine McPhee and son Rennie at Disneyland

At the start of the year, David showed off his son’s amazing drumming skills in a video posted on Instagram.

"❗️ Drumming into the new year ❗️#still2yearsold," David wrote in his caption.

In the adorable video, Rennie could be seen expertly performing a drum solo to Michael Jackson's hit "Rock With You" on his personalized red drum kit as his proud father watched on in his playroom.

The sweet moment was captured by Katharine, 40, who told her son to “keep going” when he spotted the camera.

Days after the video was posted, Foster opened up to PEOPLE about his son’s musical talent and just how he developed his impressive skills.

"He's been on the road with us while we toured, my wife and I, and he watched our drummer, JR Robinson, who's an amazing drummer, and he just started watching him when he was like 14, 15 months old, and then he just started playing and banging away and just slowly but surely," he said.

"Then that video that has gone viral, he was just playing in there and I was trying to give him a bit of a lesson and Kat heard it from the other room, so she just walked in. So it's very impromptu," he explained. "Usually, he would stop playing if he saw a camera, but he sort of went, and then he just kept playing. It was kind of cool."

Katharine McPhee/Instagram David Foster, Katharine McPhee and their son Rennie
Katharine McPhee/Instagram David Foster, Katharine McPhee and their son Rennie

However, Foster said that while he is keen to give his little boy "every opportunity" to pursue a musical path, he “won't be a zealot about it."

"I'm not going to get crazy about it," he shared. "If he stops one day, then so be it."

Along with Rennie, Foster is also dad to five adult daughters — Allison, 53, Amy, 50, Sara, 42, Erin, 41, and Jordan, 37.

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Earlier this year, the Grammy winner praised his daughters for the way they took to their little brother, telling PEOPLE, "My children are great and, obviously, it's a unique situation, probably one that none of us planned for, but my daughters are great, all of them, all five of them are great.”

"They've embraced Rennie and it's actually great," he added. "We have a lot of traveling, but we do our best and it's working out really well.”

"My daughters are all self-sufficient,” Foster continued. “They're all making their own way. They're all doing great. So I'm really proud of all of them and Rennie too. So he's in the spotlight for now."

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