Death in Paradise stars address show's future and Neville's fate on the Island

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in series 13 of Death in Paradise
Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in series 13 of Death in Paradise (Denis Guyenon,BBC,Red Planet Productions)

Death in Paradise is returning to screens for the premiere episode of series 13 this weekend, marking its 100th episode – and it's clear that the beloved murder-mystery show has no plans to slow down.

After confirming that the show would be back for series 13 and 14back in 2023, the wheels are already in motion for the cast and crew to head back to Guadeloupe to film new episodes in the spring, but what does the future beyond that hold for the BBC programme?

Ralf Little in Death in Paradise
Ralf Little in Death in Paradise (Denis Guyenon)

HELLO! caught up with Ralf Little, who plays the leading role of DI Neville Parker, Élizabeth Bourgine and Don Warrington in a Q&A for the new series, prior to the festive episode which aired in December last year, when we asked them about whether they'd like to return for more episodes beyond series 14.

Ralf in particular kept coy about any concrete plans on whether he'd definitely return. The actor plays the lead detective – a role that has traditionally switched actors every few seasons – meaning fans are constantly wondering whether he'll be staying on the Island of Saint Marie for the long haul.

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Ralf told HELLO!: "It's the same answer as it has been every year since I started doing this. These things don't get sorted out until the in-between times, as with every year, it sounds like a cagey answer but that's the way it is."

The actor then joked with HELLO! that if there's news of a series 15 contract then to "send it his way", insisting that there's no news currently on whether the show will return beyond series 14, but the actor is seemingly open to discussion.

As for Don and Élizabeth, it's clear the stars adore their time in the cast and are hugely proud of how far it has come since it first aired in 2011.

In the video below, Ralf opens up about the most "painful" part of Death in Paradise...

Speaking to HELLO! and other press during the same Q&A, they spoke about how they felt about the show reaching the major 100-episode milestone, Élizabeth said: "I never imagined we'd get to 100 episodes, never.

"Because every year it's 'Wow, once again, it's fantastic and great to be this family again'. When [Executive Producer] Tim Key said last year that we had reached 100 I said, 'Wow. It's crazy.'"

Don added: "It was a leap in the dark this show, I think for everybody. We were delighted to get to the end of series one, it was a long lesson for all of this. And it continues to be. So it's a shock when you go '100? We've got this far.' But it's lovely, and not something that happens a lot. It's great."

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Death in Paradise 100th Episode, Darlene (GINNY HOLDER), Marlon Pryce (TAHJ MILES), Catherine Bordey  (ELIZABETH BOURGINE), Selwyn Patterson (DON WARRINGTON), Naomi Thomas  (SHANTOL JACKSON), DI Neville Parker (RALF LITTLE),100th Episode
Death in Paradise 100th Episode airs this Sunday (Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon)

After the show was confirmed to be returning for a new, thirteenth series in 2024 and series 14 – which will air in 2025 – Tim released a statement which confirmed the news, and even hinted that there is more to come, with 13 and 14 being "at least" on the cards.

"The response to series 12 has been incredible, so we're delighted that we'll be heading back to Guadeloupe for at least two more series. We've got plenty of surprises ready to celebrate that milestone." He added: "We've got huge plans for the future and can't wait to get going again."

Youssef Kerkour as Dave Chadwick, Doon Mackichan as Melanie Parker, Ralf Little as Neville Parker and Shanton Jackson as Naomi Thomas
Youssef Kerkour as Dave Chadwick, Doon Mackichan as Melanie Parker, Ralf Little as Neville Parker and Shanton Jackson as Naomi Thomas in the Christmas special (Denis Guyenon)

Meanwhile, the synopsis for series 13 reads: "Across the rest of the series, Marlon confronts his future, Naomi lets loose to double date with Darlene, and Catherine finds herself embroiled in a murder case when an old friend becomes a suspect.

"New and returning faces arrive on Saint Marie, and Neville faces his biggest decision yet. Will our hapless detective finally get his happy ever after? There’s also a deadly game of bingo, a poisoning at a cookery competition, death during a blackout, and a mystifying murder in a lift."