I have deep lines from my nose to my mouth. Will fillers work?

Q. I went to a doctor and he recommended that I fill in just my nasal labial folds with fillers. Why would I do that and nothing else?

A. Using fillers to address nasal labial folds — the lines running from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth — can help smooth out these lines and give a more youthful appearance. However, there are reasons to be cautious:

1. Over correction: Filling in nasal labial folds excessively can lead to an unnatural appearance, as the face may look puffy or uneven.

2. Anatomy Considerations: Sometimes, the appearance of deep nasal labial folds can be due to volume loss in other areas of the face, like the cheeks. Simply filling the folds might not address the underlying issue.

3. Risks and Side Effects: Like any cosmetic procedure, fillers come with risks such as allergic reactions, infections and possibly lumps or irregularities if not done correctly.

4. Temporary Results: Fillers are not a permanent solution; they typically last between six to 18 months. Repeated treatments are necessary to maintain the results, which can be costly and increase the risk of complications over time.

For these reasons, it’s important to consult with a qualified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon who can assess your facial structure and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. They might suggest addressing volume loss in other areas such as cheek augmentation.

Dr. Carlos Wolf Miami
Dr. Carlos Wolf Miami

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email questions to him at Cwolf@miamiplasticsurgery.com