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Delivery person asks woman to take care of kindle of kittens: ‘Co-parenting with the Amazon Driver’

A woman on TikTok (@elledachill) got more than the regular package from her Amazon delivery driver, as they left a box full of kittens with her.

Elanor Malloy is a cat owner, and the delivery driver knew this. So when it came time to ask for help, the driver knew who to go to.

“My amazon driver is like, ‘Hey I saw you have a cat and one of the houses I was delivering to had a box full of kittens and she said she couldn’t take care of them and didn’t want them, so I took them. Could I leave them with you and then I can come back for them later,’” Malloy explained in her video.

She accepted the task and took care of the three kittens.

“I’m going to go get some formula because they’re like tiny tiny little babies,” she said.

After feeding them, Malloy showed the kittens to the world, and people had plenty to say about the situation.

“Co-parenting with the Amazon Driver,” said @…april._.

“If the Cat Distribution System is using Amazon everyone is getting a Prime kitten In 3 days,” replied @kaydog79.

The main question viewers had was whether the driver came back to pick up the kittens.

According to a follow-up video, the driver didn’t return to get the kittens back.

“Cessy, I’m disappointed in you. I had faith in you. I believed in you to come back,” Malloy said in the video.

Although Malloy was disappointed in the driver, she is still happy to take care of the kittens — which she named Kindle, Fire and Alexa.

“They are all happy and healthy,” she wrote in her caption. “Time to find furever homes!.”

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