Delta Passenger Says He Received Sweet Note From Flight Attendant for Being 'Understanding' After Mid-Air ‘Poop Accident’

The passenger says he told the flight attendant “she was doing a great job under the circumstances” during a retelling of the incident

<p>Chris Rank/Rank Studios 2018/Delta</p> Delta Plane interior

Chris Rank/Rank Studios 2018/Delta

Delta Plane interior

A Delta passenger is opening up about an unpleasant incident he said happened on a recent flight — and how well the flight attendant handled it.

The traveler claims there was a “poop accident” during his journey on Thursday, May 30, according to his retelling of the incident titled, “Was on a poop flight - great FA” on Reddit. He said his reaction to the experience prompted the flight attendant to give him a nice note once the plane landed.

“Was on a flight on Thursday where a passenger in FC [first class] had a poop accident that caused an incredibly foul odor throughout the cabin,” he wrote. “Passengers wanted the FA [flight attendant] to clean it up. I approached her and told her that it was not her job, and she was doing a great job under the circumstances.”

“On my way off the plane, she handed me this. I’ve written to Ed to tell him what a great job she did in a stressful situation,” he continued, referring to Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian.

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<p>Getty</p> Flight attendant on plane


Flight attendant on plane

In the note, the flight attendant apologized to the original poster for the unexpected experience.

“I apologize that your first class flight wasn’t as pleasant as it should always be. Thank you for your understanding. I sent you some miles,” the note read, followed by a written smiley face.

Delta has not yet responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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In the comments section, other Redditors were split on whether the flight attendant should be the one to clean the mess.

“Good on you to have the FAs back. They absolutely don't get paid enough to clean a human waste biohazard. I understand that it made for a sh– flight (ha!) but that's just not their job,” one wrote.

Meanwhile, another asked, “Real question - whose job is it then? If the person refuses to clean up after themselves, what’s the best option? Ground the flight? Make the paying customers miserable and deal with the complaints later?”

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<p>Delta </p> Delta plane


Delta plane

A different commenter said they would prefer to clean it up themselves if the crew isn’t instructed to do it.

“Listen, if I am ever on a flight where feces is on the floor and a crew member leaves it sitting there because ‘it is not their job,’ I will volunteer to clean it up if the staff provides me with the necessary safety implements. I’d rather clean up the mess vs smell it for any length of time," the person wrote.

One user pointed out a trend they’ve been noticing lately.

“It seems there have been a lot of pooping on planes recently,” they wrote. “Is this a new phenomenon or has it always happened?”

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In April, a United Airlines flight from Houston to Seattle was diverted to Dallas after a passenger's dog pooped in the aisle.

Passenger James Hobbs, who says he was on the ill-fated flight, told PEOPLE at the time, “The mess was so bad in the first class bathroom that even after cleaning they still closed it for the rest of the flight.”

Earlier in Oct. 2023, an easyJet flight headed for London Gatwick Airport was canceled after a passenger pooped on the floor before takeoff.

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