Details of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Prenup Revealed as He Files for Divorce

Details of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Prenup Revealed as He Files for Divorce

After several days of speculation, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner appear to be getting divorced. TMZ reports Joe has officially filed legal documents ending the marriage, and obviously there are a lot of questions remaining. Like...what went wrong, why did Joe just post a photo of his ring (see below), and they have a prenup?

The answer to that second Q fortunately has an A.

Per TMZ, Joe and Sophie do, in fact, have a prenup. Meanwhile, Joe has reportedly asked for joint custody of their daughters. It's unclear how this might work, as last year Sophie expressed that she wants to move back to England, while Joe is obviously based in the States.

"I miss England so much," Sophie told Elle U.K. back in 2022, before the birth of her second daughter. "The people, the attitude, everything. I’m slowly dragging my husband back. I really love living in America but, for my mental health, I have to be around my friends and my family. And also for my daughter–I would love her to get the education and school life that I was so lucky to have. England would ideally be the final destination, but [Joe] might take quite a bit of convincing! My parent’s house is the epitome of the English countryside–horses, sheep, cows...’"

Reminder: TMZ first reported the impending split a few days ago, saying, "Joe had his people contact and consult with at least 2 L.A.-area divorce lawyers and he is on the cusp of filing divorce docs to end his marriage to Sophie."

The outlet now reports Joe is being repped by Tom Sasser (Tiger Woods' divorce lawyer), who filed divorce docs in Florida.

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