Devin Booker Is ‘Happy to Have a Shot’ With Kendall Jenner Again as They Work on Relationship

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker haven’t fully reconciled yet, but prospects are looking good for the exes to end up getting back together, sources told Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly. Booker and Jenner first dated on-off for over two years before breaking up in October 2022. Jenner then dated Bad Bunny from early 2023 to late 2023, with reports of their breakup coming out in December.

Booker and Jenner first sparked reconciliation rumors when they were seen in the same Super Bowl suite earlier this month.

Now, “Kendall and Devin aren’t fully back together yet, but they have been spending a lot of time together and are working on their relationship,” one source told Us. “He’s happy to have a shot with Kendall again because he really missed her.”

Jenner’s friends are optimistic about them, the source furthered: “Kendall’s close circle of friends never saw her dating Bad Bunny long-term, and they’ve been wanting her to get back with Devin for a long time. They’re hopeful Kendall and Devin will make things official at some point soon. They had never seen Kendall so happy as they did when she was with Devin, and they were surprised they even broke up in the first place.”

That source stressed that “friends believe it’s only a matter of time [until they’re] officially back on.” They added that “Kendall’s family also loves Devin so they’re fully supportive of this relationship.”

Entertainment Tonight’s source echoed that point, saying, “Right now, they’re trying to figure things out. [They] are actively speaking and seeing one another.”

“Kendall and Devin have always had a thing for each other and care about each other,” that source continued. “Kendall's family is supportive and like Devin for her. They appreciate that he has always treated her with the utmost respect.”

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