What You Didn’t Notice About the Charcuterie Boards at the Grammys

While we loved the performances at the Grammys, we could argue that the real stars of the night were the charcuterie boards. Yep, you heard us. Each celebrity-studded table was adorned with a decadent display of fruits, nuts, and cheeses, because celebrities need to eat too, even if it’s mostly off camera (except for Jay-Z with his cheese).

The boards were crafted by Silverlake Socialite, an L.A.-based brand that specializes in vibrant charcuterie boards and grazing tables. Just over a week ago (short notice!), the Grammys reached out to the 3-year-old company to make 125 charcuterie boards for the nominee tables.

65th grammy awards show
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“We paid painstaking attention to every detail,” Silverlake Socialite owner Lauren Delp told me. “Everything was absolutely deliberate.”

To start, the show producers wanted the boards to have a unique shape, so Delp had custom 6-inch by 12-inch boards designed. For the next few days, the team worked around the clock ordering and prepping food for the boards—each board had more than 20 ingredients.

“We literally bought 250 pears so we could sift through them and pick the 125 that sort of met the mark,” Delp said.

grammys charcuterie boards
Lauren Delp

The boards were fruit-forward, with a variety of fresh and dried fruits, cheeses, and nuts. The fruits included berries, kiwis, blood oranges, figs, and dried mango and apricot. A nutty aged Gouda and an aged sharp cheddar were accompanied by Italian salt crackers and apricot-pistachio crackers. There were also sesame-glazed cashews and chocolate-covered almonds, among other nuts.

65th grammy awards show
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

“We designed it to look beautiful, and everything is very intentional—the color, the texture, the height, everything,” Delp said. Attention was paid to how each piece of fruit was cut and placed. For example, pomegranate seeds were sprinkled on raspberries, both whole and half strawberries were used for dimension, figs were cut in half to display their pink color, and blood oranges were cut into quarters so three could be placed in the corners to create movement. Cucumbers were placed under grapes for a bright pop of green.

“We spent hours and hours and hours just cutting star-shaped kiwis because I just love the way it looks and the color and the texture,” Delp said.

65th grammy awards show
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“To have my work on a global stage like the Grammys is truly beyond my wildest dreams,” she added.

If you want to snack like a celebrity, Silverlake Socialite sells its charcuterie, fruit, and dessert boards on its website.

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