Dina Pugliese opens up about beauty standards: 'Perfect is something none of us can be'

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 26:  Dina Pugliese, Nominee: Best Host in a Live Program or Series, attends Canadian Screen Awards: The CTV Gala Honouring Excellence In Non-Fiction Programming held at Heritage Court, Exhibition Place on March 26, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic)
Dina Pugliese opened up about beauty and the media. (Photo by Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic)

Dina Pugliese is opening up about body positivity.

Over the weekend, the "Breakfast Television" host took to Instagram to share two videos of her opening up about the importance of body positivity in the media — and the impact it has on the public — with her 137,000 followers.

In the first clip, the 48-year-old spoke about Jennifer Aniston's latest cover for Allure magazine that dropped last week.

"Jen Aniston, amazing, 53. People are saying it’s the Kardashian effect. The long hair, you gotta have the six pack, you gotta show a lot of skin. Nothing wrong with that. She works out hard. She talks about her diet. Remember she talked about only having one chip," she said. "But that adds to the pressures on women. Yes, she’s addressed the womb but we haven’t addressed the six pack outside of it."

However, the TV personality was quick to call out the damaging reality of unrealistic beauty standards.

"If you look at Jennifer Lopez also on a cover right now...it’s also saying you gotta have long extensions, maybe some Botox and maybe a six pack," she said. "Then you’re worthy of being put in the spotlight on the cover because they are blessed with one, good genes, two, a lot of help, cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeries here and there, trainers and chefs. So what does that say to all these other women who are just trying to like, live our lives? "

Pugliese ended her discussion with an important piece of advice for women trying to love themselves and their bodies.

"...Share your story but we have to be careful about beauty ideals we’re putting out there because there’s a lot of young impressionable people who are trying to figure stuff out…you don’t have to deprive yourself to be cover worthy," she explained.

In a second video posted a day later, the Toronto-native replied to this earlier comment "about women and body image," wanting to clarify her argument.

"Here’s what I said. I applaud any person who puts in the work to look fabulous and feel fabulous...My problem comes in when people feel the need to keep up with the whateverians and subscribe to a certain beauty ideal that the fashion industry dictates," she said. "People are like just don’t compare yourself to others. Easy to say."

Pugliese pointed out the slew of eating disorders and "mental health issues on the rise" that the public is exposed to, and how "crappy" they make many people feel.

"They bombard us, and they penetrate and they make us feel crappy about ourselves. So let me be clear...What I’m saying is if that’s the only way you can land a cover is my being impossibly perfect, perfect is something none of us can be. We’re all very imperfect which makes us unique. Let’s start with the inner work that’s needed to be beautiful," she concluded.

In the comments of both posts, fans thanked Pugliese for her transparency surrounding such an important topic.

"So I’ll be first in line for the Dina TED Talk on this subject," commented a follower.

"[Dina] is an amazing example of a good human trying hard to put out love and acceptance into a world that isn’t always so gracious. Love! Love! Love!" shared someone else.

"Thanks so much for opening up about this. This is real life and it's cool to see people like you breaking this down on TV," added another.

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